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College or trainee program, which is better?

Les Sylphides

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I am about to graduate from highschool and have been accepted to both dance colleges and a trainee program. My dream is to dance professionally in a ballet company. Do you have any advice on which one would be better?

Thanks! :innocent:

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Les Sylphides, we really cannot say with any certainty which would be better for you, personally, without knowing you and also seeing you dance. There are advantages and disadvantages to both plans. All I will say is that when I have a student who is very close to company ready, and she really wants to dance more than anything else, and has a good opportunity with a trainee or apprentice position, then dance. College will always be there, and it is possible to defer it for a year and give the trainee position a try.


On the other hand, if you are further away from company ready, you could do well in a good college program and be that much more ready when you audition for companies.


The choice must be your own. :innocent: Congratulations on being offered a trainee position.

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