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Casting fair and unfair

BA2's Mom

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Here's one for the record:


A ballet school here in Canada will apparently have the Cavalier for Sugar Plum danced by a principal from the National Ballet of Canada.

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Sounds like your daughter has developed a desireable thick skin to protect her ...


I have always thought that, along with talent, technique and passion, this must be one of the necessary ingredients for making it into the big leagues. :flowers:

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Ahhh..pj...a mom after my own heart! This time of year, I can barely stand to run into some of the moms at the studio. With casting for the company performance, Nutcracker, and a Christmas performance going on, the gossiping and griping I hear makes me ill :flowers:. The value of learning something from ANY part you're given just seems to be lost on some. This is the first year my daughter has been in the studio's company, and was cast as an understudy in a classical ballet piece. Although it is unlikely she'll get to perform it, my daughter is diligent in practicing every time they run through it, as well as at home. When she said "Mom, I know I'm just an understudy, but if someone gets sick and they need me to dance, I don't want to LOOK like I'm an understudy," I couldn't have been more proud of her if she had been cast as the lead. Sure, she has dreams of dancing professionally, but she's still young and has many years of hard work to go before she gets there, IF she does. In the meantime, she understands that good character and a good work ethic will help her go far no matter where her path in life leads her. I can see jealousy and resentment in some of the moms at the studio. I just hope they won't pass that bitterness on to their daughters. I'd hate to see the joy of dancing replaced by a green-eyed monster :D.


P.S. Daughter was told later by one of the teachers that she was really doing a good job learning her part as understudy. We've also learned since that EVERY dancer in the company will understudy for one dance, and be given parts in 2 dances based on what suits their abilities.

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