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Any of your little'uns doing an SI


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Well not really proper SIs but she's doing 2 summer courses!


The first is at RAD HQ in London - she does 9:45-11:30 every morning in 'creative dance' and then I thought I'd take her to see the sights of London and go to a couple of children's shows like the Lion King and Joseph (would love to see Billy Elliott but I think she's a bit young for the language!!)


Then the following week she's doing a course at my dance school! The children are there from 10am-3pm every day, they have 2 hours of ballet and 2 hours of something else (cheerleading, acting, disco, jazz and singing) with an hour in the middle for lunch. 5 is the minimum age by the way - I probably would have made it 6 if I had childcare but I haven't so she's got to go :innocent:


Can't wait, she's never done anything like it before! Just her regular classes. Going to get her a couple of nice leotards to wear!

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My 9 y/o will do whatever workshop her home studio offers this summer. Last summer it was three afternoons a week, around three hours per day, doing technique plus extras (stretching, floor barre, goal-setting, crafts, etc.). They learned a variation last year too, and I assume they'll get to do that again.

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The last time I ran a summer school was in 1996!! Since then I've really enjoyed taking the summer off from teaching but now I've got a daughter that needs occupying for 6 weeks I figured I'd do it again - and I really fancied a trip to London too!

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Ballet Chicago just launched its new "Ballerina Dream Camp". Below is the info from the school's website. My friends have inquired about the program and said that there are several kids already enrolled. How fun!


We are also offering Ballerina Dream Summer Camp for 4-7 year olds. They will take a ballet class, perform a dance, have fun with music, learn stories of great ballets, be inspired by ballet videos, and decorate a costume. Your "Young Dancers" and "Ballet Dreamers" will enjoy our wonderful workshops and camps offerred exclusively to children who love ballet! No audition is required for the Ballerina Dream Summer Camp or Young Dancers workshop.

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My daughter (7) would love something like that! I have been searching but I don't think there is anything like that over here. Maybe I should look into possibilities in the UK (we are already thinking of going there this summer to see family), but I am a little worried that language would be a bit of a problem, she doesn't speak much English yet. I am quite curious about the RAD summer classes for 4-7 yrs, does anyone have experience with that?

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Thank you for that! :) I will keep that in mind for next year, I found their website and that looks really nice!

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My daughter's home school has a 4 week program with daily ballet, 2 pointe classes, jazz, modern, a different repertoire every week, and then Friday is tap and hip/hop. The teachers were all professional dancers, and they have guest teachers who are currently dancing. She improved so much last year, so we are planning to attend it again this summer. She is 11 and I don't want to send her away yet. I don't really see the need, anyway, with a good program here where the teachers are familiar with her and the classes are usually small.

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My daughter did her school's summer intensive as well. It ran from 10 am to 5 pm. She loved it and plans on attending this summer as well. She was 8 last summer.

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Guest coupe66

My dd will be doing the Intermediate Intensive at her home studio. She is very excited and will be 9 years old this Spring. The intensive will run for 2 weeks Monday to Friday, from 10:30 - 4:30. This is the first time she has ever done anything like this!

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I was curious to see what the under 13 set is doing this summer so am reviving an old thread. DD is doing something similar to what she did last summer and is very excited for it to start. She'll jump from about 4 hours per week of class to about 10, and I'm curious to see how her mind and body grow and adapt as a result. This fall she'll add a 90-minute class to her current schedule, so this summer program will be a good prelude to that! She loves her studio and the teachers and is really looking forward to the summer program.

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DD (age 8 almost 9) did what I would call an "SI for the younger set" and had a blast. They did classical ballet, modern and jazz with a lot of conditioning. It was the first time she had really had much conditioning since she quit gymnastics at age 5, but she learned a lot and is psyched about continuing the stretching exercises at home. The course was for ages 6 and up, but the 6 and 7 year olds did more creative movement than technique and conditioning.


Her regular studio offers summer classes, and she will take those as well. She's going to add a hip hop class, which should prove to be interesting.

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