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Having just received lovely photos of my DD in a recent performance, I looked forward to showing them to her. Should've known better really: as she examined the best of these pictures, her only reaction was 'Ughhh - look at my foot, it's awful! Well, I admit I laughed at her indignation. It seems so preposterous to be disgusted with how one's foot appears in a snapshot! Maybe that's the difference between a dancer and a non-dancing parent. :wink:

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A trained dancer will spot those things immediately, and will not notice the good things, only the one bad thing. Typical, and actually, good. They learn that way. If they did not notice or did not care, that would be the problem! :wink:

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Thanks for your reassurances Ms Leigh and Eskimopieo. At least I know DD is not just outraaaageously vain! :grinning:

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As Miss Leigh said, not vain at all and a really good thing to be able to do. DD still goes mad over 3-4 year old pictures of herself, picking them apart mercilessly.

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When we started auditioning for Sis and needed pics, we found it to be a very helpful tool. DD was able to see things about her dancing that she didn't realize or couldn't 'feel' when she was getting a correction. She was then able to better address those issues. I admit it is hard for me to look at what I believe is a beautiful photo of my DD only to have her tear it to bits with criticism. But we have noticed as I have started taking photos that all of the talented girls at her new studio do the same thing. Even if they aren't perfect, my daughter values them - for fun and for the learning experience it affords her. Of course we have found also that there are girls who think there is something wrong with the photographer because the pics do not match what they think they are in their heads (not MY words). I am glad that my daughter is the one that looks at the photo with realistic eyes. :grinning: We do also discuss that while in ballet she strives for perfection, it doesn't mean that it is attainable 100%. The fact that she finds fault in professional photos of professional ballet dancers also - well that gives me piece of mind.

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Still pictures and videos are always a great help. I have always gone through photos with my DD. A couple of years ago she had an action photo taken during a summer school showing a truly horrible attitude - once she had seen it she got it sorted out straight away! Yesterday, I used my mobile phone to take a short video of a pupil - as she watched it you could see the penny drop! This is so interesting I think I will start a new thread on Cross Talk so everyone can join in!

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