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I've noticed that I have trouble holding a high passe, or some may call it a retire. I'm sorry, I don't know how to do the accented e thing. Anyway, I can never hold it above my knee, it is always under or sometimes right at. If I use my hands I can pull it a lot higher, but I can't hold it there. What are some things or excercises I could do to help this?

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Caroline, why do you want it above your knee??? The position is at the knee, either very slightly in front or to the side. Above is not where it belongs.

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Oh, that's just what my teachers say. If it is at the knee they always tell me it should be above... :yes:









p.s. I'm officially a full member! :)

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Sorry. I disagree with that, so I can't help you. I think it destroys the line and is almost impossible not to sickle.


Congratulations on reaching member status. Would you like to be admitted to the Teen Category, where you will see the Buddy Board and the Teen Private Forum?

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Yes, it is hard not to sickle. I thought I was doing something wrong by not getting it higher, but I guess it was fine anyways. :)




Yes I would like to be part of the Teen Category!


Sorry, I think I posted the same time you added that on.

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A teacher once did an exercise with me to help with this same problem: she had me stand on flat with one leg in passe. She then took hold of my ankle and upper shin, and told me to push down toward the floor against her hands as hard as I could for about 30 seconds. When she let go, I was able to hold my passe much higher on my own.

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Winddancer, you should read the whole thread, and realize that there IS no retiré position above the knee.

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I did read it, sorry, I should have clarified. My problem was that my retiré was below the knee. sugarplumfairy_caroline said that her passe was sometimes below the knee and sometimes at her knee, and I thought that that exercise might help her get it at the level of her knee more consistently. My apologies for the confusion :D

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