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Retire' curiosity...


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Having been trying to find the holy grail of a strong, aesthetic, and functional retire', I've come across something curious and was wondering if it's just me or a common thing. When doing retire' derrier, it's like a completely different feeling for me than when doing it devant. In derrier, I feel my hamstring strongly engaging, hips are level, weight is strongly over the toes, and my balance feels effortless. However, when I move my foot the few inches difference to the front of my knee, everything feels off and I have to exert much more energy to produce similar results. I can't figure out why such a small distence has such a dramatic effect on everything, and I've checked that I'm not overcrossing in derrier too, so it really is just the space of my knee that is making the difference. Is this unusual? Is there anyway to translate the "feeling" of the derrier retire' to the devant retire? It seems like it would help my turns oh so much if I could...

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You've just discovered something that will help you!!! I love it when students do that.... I call them their "Bugs Bunny" moments!!!!


Absolutely you should feel the back of the thigh and the muscles underneath the leg in retiré. What you'll have to do now is concentrate on producing the same 'wrapped' feeling, but increase it, as your retiré position moves front. You're rotating more on both legs and lifting off and growing taller, and taking the knee more out to the side.....


Be careful not to lift your hip, and be sure your back muscles are engaged so your shoulders don't creep, and have fun turning!!!! :cool2:

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Ugh...I swear I must have the most paradoxical of bodies...I know I need to stay high in the front of my supporting hip, but for some reason this is hard for me to "feel", especially in turning. The other problem is that somehow I manage to overturn out the retire leg so that it lifts my hips up, and for the life of me I can barely separate the two actions, it's like my hip has some extra connection that makes it lift my hips when I go to retire even though I'm turning out which should keep them level...


I'm considering getting an thorough orthopedic screening to see if the doc can tell me what the deuce is going on in there, but I've no idea how much it might cost, even with my health insurance...

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AW..... :( I don't think I'd go that direction just yet, because I haven't heard you mention pain.


Talk to your ballet teacher, and see what they have to say first. They should be able to help you locate and engage, and see if there is any need for a doc. :thumbsup:


Let us know. :)

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Shooting a bit OT, but I've heard its a good idea for dancers to get one of these screenings once a year if they can, and since I've never had one it seems like a good idea...apparently they'll find muscle weaknesses and imbalances and all that fun stuff...

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Yes! Absolutely. They can then design a strengthening program for you, and since I read that you also have patellar tendonitis, I would recommend you getting a screening done. It should help you tremendously.


Most professionals I know do extra-curricular exercises every day that are designed for their bodies to help prevent injuries. And it works when one is vigilant about doing their exercises.

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