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Summer Intensive against teacher approval


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Hi everyone! This is my first posting so I hope I'm putting it in the right place. My 12 year old auditioned and was accepted into Boston Ballet's (Newton) Summer Intensive. When I told her dance teacher she flipped out and yelled at me that "no way, no way, do NOT send her to a summer intensive". She went on stating that my daughter will loose technique and take 3 months upon return to get back what she will loose. Her teacher was very angry! She believes in only sending very advanced, older dancers to intensives (my oldest daughter, 17, will be attending Joffrey NY). My youngest, again, 12, is low to mid intermediate level. Should I send her to Boston despite the teacher's worry or listen to the teacher? I'm really stuck on this, not to mention very annoyed at how the teacher spoke to me (we've been at this studio 7 years). Thanks for the advise. - Shara


:wink: Hi everyone. I truly appreciated everyone's input to my very first posting. We decided not to send my DD to Boston for the summer in fear that there would be consequences at the studio (there are always politics in studios and we didn't want to add to that). I did, however discuss with the teacher/director the fact that her mannerism in responding to my news was very innappropriate and that I hoped that future discussions of the same nature would be much calmer.


Now June, I recently met with the teacher/director and told her the sad news that my DD no longer wanted to continue ballet, but would only be continuing jazz at the studio. In my heart I knew all along that sending her to a summer intensive would keep her interest level in ballet and it would be a good thing. She was extremely excited to get into the program and very much wanted to go. At the same time, I supposse if she truly didn't love ballet, her quiting, either now or later, was inevitable.


Sometimes it's hard to know if you should go with your heart or your head. I went with my head this time and lost. Perhaps going with my heart would have been a bad choice as well. Such is life I suppose. Thanks again to all -Shara

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Shara77, As a Mom it is hard to hear you beat yourself up over this. You made the best decision at the time with your daughters best interest at heart and it is impossible to know if another decision would have been better. I do think the studio had no call to be so harsh and discouraging to you. I had wrote before that my 13 DD was discouraged from attending an SI, when other students were encouraged at the same age last year.

DD got into 3 intensives and chose Orlando, where she is in her second week. She is loving it. They make it fun for the young kids. She does a ton of pointe and ballet technique, but also, jazz, modern, musical theater, conditioning yoga, pilates. She has got some very positive feedback, which I think doesn't happen so much anymore at her home studio. (We have been there 11 years). Having new teachers look at her and dancing with a new set of kids, does, I think, bring renewed energy to their passion. You have an older daughter attending, so you probably see this. I asked my daughter if she wished she stayed home this summer and she said "no way". I am learning so much and I have already improved."

Also, There are quite a few 11 and 12 year olds at DD's program.


Your DD is still young and may find she misses the ballet and start up again.She must have skills and talent to be accepted to an SI. But then again jazz is fun and very popular. I am sure you both have made the best decisions for your DD at this time.

Good luck to your DD.

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Wow, I must be in the minority. I encourage summer intensives for my students and they are hesitant to go. :blushing: (for financial and other reasons)


Summer intensives DO NOT ruin your technique!! You have to be selective in which school you attent, but even the small intensives (read: not big name) are mostly good. They are intense and you will usually see a big bump up in the improvement of technique, etc...


I plan on taking my daughter to the CPYB 2 week when she is 10 (almost 11) as I will be there for the teacher training at the same time. I attended as a child, and I *know* I will see a bump in her technique.

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