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Natomas Charter School

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I have just read the website of this Charter School. The good news is it has been around since 1993 and is apparently in good standing.


I founded a Performing Arts Charter School in New Mexico. When we discussed the audition option, we were informed that if a charter school accepts any federal funding, students cannot be excluded due to an audition result. Students are accepted into a school on a lottery basis. Auditions are solely for placement purposes.


If I was you...I would confirm the acceptance policies at the school, (are they federal funded as well as state funded?) and if they ask you to audition, ask them what the placement possabilites are.

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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, botanybay!


I have merged your thread with an existing one about this school. If you look at the bottom of the page, you should see a rectangular box that will say, "2 Pages". Click on the number 1 beside it, and you can read through all the previous posts about this school. :D

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Well I go here now, so I can give you some insight.


The classes are boring. The ballet is not very intense, and if you are looking for pre-professional level training, I would do so elsewhere. Of course, you can make any class hard if you want, but we do the same combinations for a month before we do something new. Very simple combinations for the highest level of ballet at the school. As in arms on your waist instead of using correct port de bras.


If you are in High School, school ends at 4 pm, which sometimes makes out of school classes hard. Also, the teachers don't seem to take injuries seriously, unless you have a cast or are on crutches.


The audition is VERY simple. Basic barre, as in plies, tendues rond de jambes, and grande battements. No ballet in center last year. We didn't even have to put our tap or jazz shoes on.


If I was you, I would not be nervous at all. The audition is very elementary. However, if you are not an incoming 9th grader, it will be harder for you to get accepted, as space is very limited for other grades.

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