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Hello. We are moving to Iowa this summer and we need to find a ballet school. We are moving to Oskaloosa IA and all my searches show my best bet will more than likely be in Des Moines (about 1 hour drive each way). I was just curious if someone on this board would know of an awesome ballet school for my daughter near the Oskaloosa area. To help I will add that my daughter wants to be a ballerina. She is 11 and studies ballet about 10 hours per week currently. It is a great move for our family but I can't help stressing over the ballet issue. (We currently only have a 5 minute drive to her wonderful studio.) I know it will all work out. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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I don't know where this person landed, but in the Des Moines area there are three ballet schools who offer preprofessional training, one that is a competition studio disguised as a ballet school, and way more than a few competition schools that offer ballet (but are far away from being preprofessional). I don't know how much detail we're allowed to go into about the three on here, but I'd love the opportunity to talk to anyone about my experiences with the three studios (having personally attended 2, and danced alongside dancers from the third). You can PM me if you'd like to, and I can go into detail, or someone can clarify how much detail I can share (in terms of studio names, etc), and I will. :wacko:

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I am moving to Oskaloosa Iowa also. In just a few days, I have found 2 schools in Des Moines. Would love to hear from anyone with experience and would love to meet anyone ins Oskaloosa who's a dance mom.

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