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Books: Ballet's Magic Kingdom

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My Husband read an article about this book in the Sunday NYC Times (My Christmas gift to him was a subscription) in January and ordered it for me. It had a huge wait list and I just got it yesterday (was a Valentine's Day gift).


It's called Ballet's Magic Kingdom originally written by Akim Volynsky but translated into English for the first time by Stanley J. Robinowitz.


It is about Russian ballet (and the socio-political and socio-economic conditions surrounding it) from 1911-1925. Of course, Anna Pavlova is in there as well as some other great ballerina's as well as Volynsky's thoughts on a young Balanchine. The book was just published late last year. I can't wait to start reading it!

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Thanks for posting this. I just checked and it's available through Amazon. Would you mind sharing any information about the style or level of writing? There aren't any excerpts online yet. My DS would potentially really benefit from this book, but only if he'll read it!

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