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Rehearsing During Class


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For our spring show, usually in class we spend the second half or last parts rehearsing our dances. I know it's not good at all and I should try to find a different studio, but the problem is that all the other studios in my area do this too, some even more! I love doing the dances but I'm worried my technique will not improve as much as I would like it too. Also, I've tried to talk to all the other girls in my class, but they don't mind it, they actually prefer it. Some do not even like ballet that much as it is. My teacher tells us she does it this way so we don't forget. Well, isn't that what rehearsals are for? What I'm trying to ask if there's any way I can cope with this without un-inmproving my technique? I've talked to my parents also, and they told me I should find a better studio, but like I said before, everywhere else does this too. :(

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Two of our regular classes from now until the end of the school year are dedicated to rehearsals for our school's end of the year performance. I don't mind so much that one technique class each week is used for rehearsals, but this year one of our pointe classes per week will be used as well, and our performance will not be on pointe. I feel we already have too few pointe classes a week (this is my 5th year of pointe and we only have 3 one-hour pointe classes per week), so I am disappointed that this is happening. And if you choose not to do the school performance, you only miss out on classes period, so you just get fewer classes a week that you need and which you pay for.

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Busy dreaming, we typically wait for a teacher/moderator to post an initial answer to a post, then followon is okay.


But the issue of the original post is a serious one, and value received is only one issue. Class time should not ordinarily be used for rehearsal. Extra time outside of class must be set up for that purpose. I think that you should do as your parents suggest. I cannot believe that EVERY school does this in your area.

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It's really OK, you're relatively new, and your opinion isn't reactionary (backward-looking). If you'll notice, I agreed with you that it's a serious issue. We just have rules and traditions on some of the forums which request that moderators have first say, then others may join the discussion. That's what the board is; it's a discussion, rather than an unmoderated message board.

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Hmm, I guess I was really talking about my immediate area, but I was doing some reasearch and I did find a studio that looks good not too far from where I live. I have a few questions about it, but I'm not sure if it constitutes as a *real* pre-pro school. Should/can I still start a topic about it on the Pre Proffesional/Residence Program forum?

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