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Grande Battement

Shobana Patrick

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Are there any ballet exercises that improve your grande battement as well as devellope ? I find it quite hard at times tp turn out my feet towards the floor when doing a grande battement ' a la seconde ' any tips to help me improve :lol:

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Extended positions are kind of basic - they're their own training. All of the barre work that came before should be warming and opening your hipjoints so that rotating the leg while it's working becomes easier.

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The "best exercise" for doing grand battement is doing grand battement correctly. There are no short cuts however I am not quite sure what you mean to

turn out my feet towards the floor when doing a grande battement ' a la seconde '


Speak with your teacher to solidify where the line of direction side is, as there are two theories on this direction. One is slightly in front of the shoulders and hips and the other is in the same line as the supporting heel. Without knowing which you are studying, it is difficult to advise you on how to accomplish.


Practice slowly lifting your very straight working leg in the direction instructed by your teacher. The sole of your working foot when working opposite your supporting heel will face directly down to the floor, whereas when working with your leg slightly in front of your shoulder/hip the sole of the foot and face of the heel will be directed a bit up to the ceiling.


Also what are your goals? When you say it is difficult, do you mean maintaining your turn out upward and downward or do you mean flexibility of the hip socket and height of leg? Or everything combined? :lol:

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vrsfanatic- yes i meant everything combined and what i meant by the quote is that its difficult for me to turn my foot towards the floor whereas i usually turn it towards the ceiling if i cant, which my teacher says is wrong. Another thing is i've noticed that my right leg is a bit weaker than my left esp. in developpe. Do you have any tips for me to strengthen it :lol:

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which my teacher says is wrong.


Please remain open minded about direction and turn out. As you gain more experience in ballet technique and become more exposed to different ideas and teachers, it does become clear that very little is actually "wrong" (as long as it makes sense), just a different way of doing things.


Until you have asked your teacher to define direction side, I prefer not to give any further advice, :lol: as the realm of posibilites are ample. Thank you for understanding.


As for difficult, well, ballet is difficult but the accomplishment of the challenges is what helps to make ballet so wonderful. Please do get back to us when you are better able to define direction side. :thumbsup:

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