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Hi everyone!


I recently pulled a muscle in my back during one of my gymnastics trainings, so now my lower back is achey. I've pulled quite a few muscles in my life, and i use the RICE method to heal them. However, those were muscles in the legs. But now it's my lower back. So how am I supposed to compress or elevate my back? :confused:


Oh, one more question. Is ice or the deep heating rub for muscle relief better?


Thank you!

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Sorry to hear about your injury.:( Actually, you can compress your lower back using a large elastic bandage, but it's seldom really called for.


You don't have to compress such a large area if you don't need to. You can selectively support "hot spots" by making an overlapping criss-crossed support bandage not unlike those used in bandaging shin splints, which Ms. Leigh has described before. Contrast baths (hot, then cold, or vice versa) may be useful to you after the acute stage of the injury has faded - two or three days.


Counterirritant rubs like Tiger Balm help after the acute stage, mostly in the area of pain relief.


(and you don't have to elevate your back. Just lying down will do a lot to help it.)

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