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Embarassing Partnering Mishaps


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I think the topic title is pretty much self explainatory, but here you can list and share your funniest partnering moments. At the time you may have wanted to run away, but now I'm sure you can laugh.


I have a really good one:

First off, I'll have to tell you that I'm the tallest in my class and usually get paired with my teacher who is probably over 6 foot (I'm about 5'6"). A few months ago, my teacher chose me to demonstrate the combination with him. There was this one part where you had to go from passe after a pirouette into and attitude back (like kind of wrapped around the partner) and as i was going into the attitude, my foot (with my very hard pointe shoe, mind you) hit my teacher right in the you know where!! :blushing: I was mortified! After it happened I was apologizing like crazy and he kept saying it was fine and it seemed like it didn't even phase him. I was very surprised the nest week when he picked me again! :thumbsup:

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Occupational hazard; it happens all the time. Now you know why many men prefer a very stout, tight dance belt.


I'm going to allow this topic for now, but if it turns into a chatfest, it closes.

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Once we were supposed to run back and fouette jump into a fish dive, but while I was running I got so scared I gave a little squeal and just stopped!!!!! I had to try over and over and over again before I could do the whole combination without stopping or squeaking! I was sooo embarrassed at myself! :)

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we were in class last night, and we were doing this combination and one move was a grade jette, then we had to fall to the ground(but gracefully and catch ourselves) we had to do it one at a time. so everyone does it perfectly,and clean. and then i go. i do a grade jette, but when i fall i dont stop. i hit the ground so hard it made a "bumb" sound and i was so embarresed! luckly all the girls at my studio are nice, and they dont judge. :wink:

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Dance is love, this topic is about partnering mishaps, not falling on your own after a grand jeté. [Note spelling. You will find it in your new terminology book :wink:]


I would like to ask you to please edit your post and correct all of the letters that should be captitalized. You might take a look at the spelling, too. I'm not quite sure what a "bumb" sound is. :shrug:

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I was doing partnering with my (female) teacher as a demonstration, and I was doing a penche on pointe. I did it perfectly the first time, but the second time, I rolled over my shoe, and ended up rolling over my arch, kicking my teacher in the chest, and doing a summersault. Ouch.

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