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School and Ballet?


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Blah. I feel really stupid writing this ...


I would like to go really far with Ballet , which means i would have to go to a company right? (which I'm guessing is like 24/7)


but i NEED to go to Uni. (so excited :) i'm so gonna get a masters (: ..in something LOL)


Will I be able to do both ?




or please explain to me all this stuff :sweating:


thank you :D

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Not sure why this was on Adult Buddy Board, but anyway, it is now here where it belongs.


It is possible to dance and get an education, however, not all at once in terms of full time college. You could go to college first, or, if you are company ready after high school, or within a year or two after high school, then you could get some college in during that time, and finish it later or by taking a course or two each year. It's all possible, theoretically. But of course dancing in a ballet company takes a major commitment of time, money, energy, passion and devotion, not to mention talent and excellent training, just to get there! Once you are in a company, you will dance about 7.5 hours a day, with class and 6 hours of rehearsal. So, you might be able to study a subject or two while working, but you would not get a degree in 4 years.


That all said, since you have just started, or will be starting ballet, and you are almost 16, you will not be company ready when you graduate from high school, and probably not in a year or two after that either. So, college for you will be better when you graduate from high school, and hopefully you will be able to continue your ballet studies there.

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I don't mean to correct anyone at all by saying this, just pointing it out. There are universities that have majors in ballet where you can also earn a degree in an outside field though. It takes four years just like any other undergraduate degree. I don't know how this compares to what you were talking about Ms. Leigh. One such university though is Indiana University.

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YAY . So I could also continue in Uni (:<3


After continuing ballet studies (getting degree is whatever) would i be qualified to teach? or something like that ? ): because I wouldnt like it to end just there...

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I can't answer that, megustabile. It just depends on SO many things, but especially how far you get, technically in your own dancing, and the pedagogy program at the University you attend.

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