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I am 17 and have been dancing since I was 5. I have been on pointe since '95. I have a very low instep. Is there anyway to increase it? I realize it will take a while, but I am willing to do anything. Also, in my Pointe magazines, I see thest dancers with these high and beautiful insteps. Do companies look at a dancers instep at auditions? Or do they not care? I want to join a company when I get out of high school, but am afraid that my instep/arch may turn me away.:(

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Missy, I'm afraid there is not much one can do to increase the height of the instep itself, however, the more one works ones feet and especially how well one learns to use and articulate them, the better they look. Most professional classical dancers do have feet similar to those you see in the pictures, but there are some who make it with a bit less. They certainly don't ALL look quite like Paloma Herrera's :( But, yes, the companies DO look for a very good foot at the auditions, and yes, they do care. It is an important part of the overall look and line of classical ballet.

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