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Schools in Russia?

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I have a friend who dances year-round at the Vaganova Academy :clapping:. She has made friends with many international students at the academy, and is really enjoying her stay there.

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Novosibirsk Ballet School, aka Novosibirsk State Choreographic School - is considered one of the four leading ballet schools in Russia. It was founded in the Soviet Era by teachers & ex-dancers of Leningrad's Kirov Ballet. A famous ex-director of the Novosibirsk Ballet is Oleg Vinogradov. Yelena Vinogradova taught for a time at the academy which maintains a rigidly exact (pure) Vaganova style. The couple later founded what is now the Kirov Academy of Ballet (Washington DC).

Novosibirsk is where I had my humble beginnings.. :thumbsup:

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Pebz - are you looking for one of the larger "state" schools - like Vaganova and Bolshoj? Or training in general? I remember a thread about two years ago and someone was talking about another school in St. Petersburg that was run out of (I think) another one of the many theathers there. We did some research for her and finally found it, but not much information was available. So, are you looking for general schools or something secific?

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Hi thanks for all your replies! I'm just looking for schools that will accept foreign students. I tried searching on the web for info on the Novosibirsk Ballet School, but I couldn't. Do they have a website with English translation? And I've emailed the Perm school a couple of times but I never got any replies :shrug:

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The Bolshoi Ballet Academy has a whole program just for foreign students, but they don't take class with the rest of the school.

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Email in Russia, so we've found, is notoriously bad. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes they get your email and just don't get around to responding. You're better off calling - the websites usually put the phone. For direct dial, you have to dial 011 first. Vaganova and Bolshoj have staff that speak English, though it may be somewhat limited English!


I'll see if I can find the site the thread/school that we discussed before - it was in St. Pete. Do you have a particular area in Russia you're interested in? It's a pretty big country! And does it have to be Russia or are you also considering the former states?

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Nope I don't really have any particular areas in mind. I would love to know more about the Voronezh Choreographic Institute though. I can't seem to find any information about this school.


Thanks for the help, cheetah!

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davidg I have been emailing to and from Russia now for almost 15 years. I wish I could answer your question, but I cannot. :blushing: When I lived there I received every letter through snail mail that was sent to me and every letter I sent out was received, although this was almost unheard of at the time. Email continues to be questionable and may have something to do with the electrical surges they are notorious for, but I am just guessing. Half of what I send to Russia through email is not received. :clapping:


As for school information snail mail is best however awaiting a response can take months. Find the address of the school you are interested in and write them for information. Then wait! :shrug:

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For quick snail mail, the recommendation is FedEx - that's according to a translation company we used over there. It's very expensive but apparently the most reliable, even for packages. We were told to expect a minimum of two weeks for snail mail response - IF we got it at all. Maybe you coulld ask the recipient to respond using that method.


As for email, we've found that email to individuals with "general" type email accounts (msn, yahoo, etc.) is fairly reliable. But email to servers based in Russia can be problematic.


Pebz - I will ask around and see if I can find any additional information for you while you try and contact the school yourself!

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Thank you for your candor, 71crm.  However,  this is a discussion Board for members, not a research venue for personal financial gain. :)

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This may not belong here, but I saw this old thread and maybe it's best to revive it than start something new.

Can anyone confirm that foreign students can actually audition for the Vaganova Academy in St. Petersburg? (For acceptance to the main school, rather than the international trainee program.)

My daughter is friends (over Instagram) with a student there who has encouraged her to apply. She mentioned that there is a girl in her class whose family pays tuition because she is not a Russian citizen.

Not wanting to arrive at an audition and be turned away, I attempted to communicate with the school to confirm via VK, but the reply messages were oddly truncated and I am left without an answer. I emailed the school as well, but reading the thread above I am not anticipating a response. Any expert knowledge is appreciated!

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Vaganova Academy does enroll international student. There are open auditions held in Japan and perhaps elsewhere. I have had 3 students attend VAB in the past 15 years. One, an American male, one a Russian American female and one Japanese. All have been or continue to be very happy. The male entered by dvd audition. The females were admitted either through personal audition or by taking master classes with faculty members of VAB.

Much has changed since I was in school there, as an adult in the methodology program, but all international students must pay tuition. It had been posted on their website what the international tuition was. I have not looked in years.

There is a very safe dormitory with in the VAB complex. It can be an amazing experience if one is in the class of a caring and kind teacher. 

International students must show they have completed high school requirements for their country of origin, generally speaking around age 16 and up.

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