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After high school I want to join a company. My parents want me to go to college so I will have an alternate career if my ballet career doesn't work out. And I also want to get a BA in performing at U. of Utah. And when I retire from danceing I also want to be a costume designer? Is all of this possible? It doesn't seem like it. Confussed:confused:

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All of it is possible, Missy, assuming of course that you have the talent and training to get accepted to the Dance Dept. at Utah, and then into a professional company :(


Some dancers are "company ready", or almost, when they graduate from high school, and they choose to do a trainee or apprenticeship if they get that opportunity. Sometimes they will defer college acceptance for a year to do this, and see if they can make into a company. Others choose to continue their training in a college program while also receiving additional education. Sometimes they go to college for a year or two, then dance, and eventually go back and finish up. There are various routes, and the hard part is figuring out which one is best for you.

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