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summer intensive


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what is a suumer intensive and are there any for teens in las vegas? (sorry, i just started dance a year ago and this is my first post.)

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Hello togoborn, welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers :yucky:


Are you a teen or an adult? If you are still a teen please tell me which category of teen, so that I can move this post to the correct teen forum.


Summer Intensives are programs for serious dancers, usually at the Intermediate and Advanced levels, where they dance all day for anywhere from 2 to 8 weeks in the summer. The more well known programs are at major schools, like company schools with pre-professional programs, or residential programs for pre-professionals. Most require auditions to attend.

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I'm 13, and thanks for the welcome. Also, I'm an intermediate dancer.


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Thank you for responding. I have moved this thread to the Young Dancers 13-16 forum.

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