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Articles: 'Collision of Dance and Disability'

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Thanks for posting this...timely as I just met a mum with a little girl recently diagnosed with CP and she's struggling to think about possibility rather than all the limitations the professionals keep hammering into her head as the "norm".

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There's a long-running dance company here called Candoco, and an equally long running theatre company, Graeae.






Both companies have extensive touring and education and training programmes, and have done for some time (decades ...).

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Have you seen this beautiful pas de deux with David Toole in DV8 Physical Theater's The Cost of Living?

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There is also Axis Dance Company :)

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This thread is a lovely reminder of all the ways one can dance and share dance. Here's another company that works with dancers with disabilities. This particular one not always use dancers with disabilities. They try, but when someone moves or otherwise is engaged, they do sometimes have understudies although rare. In this particular video, both dancers are in wheelchairs:

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