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RBS summer school 2009/ what Grade?


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I'm wondering if anyone can give me an indication as to how long it is you have to wait for a reply from the RBS, with regard to an application for the summer school.


Also can anyone advise as to what grade my Daughter should be studying at the moment, She is 10yrs old (will be 11yrs in Oct '09) and is currently studying grade 3/4 ISTD


Thanks in anticipation

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Probably within a couple of weeks after the closing date. She sounds like she's at about the right grade for her age. I've got an 8 year old going and she's Grade 2.

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I think it may still be a while before summer school letters go out. It's certainly more than two weeks after the closing date, in my experience. Also, I am fairly sure that they only take children in academic yr 5 (10 yr olds) and above, but am happy to be corrected on this!


I wouldn't worry about grade. This is an indication, but the schools are more interested in ability and potential and I have known girls get into White Lodge at grade 1 or 2.

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Thank you very much!

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Hope I don't breach any protocols..... I have been a member for around one year, but never brave enough to post a reply! The closing date for applications to the RBS International SS was March 2nd. Last year my friend's son received his reply (which was positive) on April 4th. The UK Easter break was early last year (last week in March). With Easter being later this year I am not expecting to hear about my daughters application for the White Lodge SS until the second week in April at the earliest. Fingers crossed for everyone. It's my daughters first attempt she is 10 years old.. just hope the photo's were up to scratch!

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Forgot to mention, my daughter is in year 5, is 10 years old and also on grade 3 Imperial (ISTD), just like your daughter. My DD is also an RBS JA. Don't be concerned about what grade/level they are at. Fingers crossed for a sucessful outcome, but its a very slim chance, given they take students from all over the world. Still, worth having a go you just never know!

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Nana Lily,


Thanks for that, fingers crossed indeed!! I know its an extremely slim chance, but if you don’t try you'll never know! Likewise I hope my daughters pictures were up to scratch!!


Best of luck to your daughter and thanks for the advice! :rolleyes:

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Hi Everyone,


Just to let you know, unfortunately my daughter has not been offered a place for the RBS summer school. :wub: . However, she has been asked by the director if she would like to be placed on the waiting list. We will obviously be taking up this option. :lol:


Does anyone know is everyone who is not offered a place asked to be placed on the selected waiting list??

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The majority of applicants will have had a straightforward "no", as there are so many for relatively few places. So well done for being placed on the waiting list, and I hope your daughter gets lucky.

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Goodness me! So have we!!! I have written out the reply slip and will be posting tomorrow.


Do know of a girl last year who was on this wait list, but sadly did not get a place. Guess out photo's must have been ok???


We now have the wait to find out, I can't imagine any one turning down a place, but you never know peoples circumstances do change.


Good luck with the wait!




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