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fake eyelashes

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Has anyone used fake eyelashes for a performance before. I usually just use lots of mascara and eye makeup, but I'm in a performance this weekend (modern, not ballet), and the director wants us all to wear them. I'm a little concerned because I have rather blond eyelashes and normally use a bit of mascara in daily life just to make myself look a bit more awake - do I have to worry about the adhesive from the fake lashes pulling my real lashes out? :) Or am I just being silly? Any recommendations on brands?



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Place the false lash slightly above your natural lash line so that you avoid pulling out your own lashes. There are little applicator devices made to help in properly positioning the false lash but I have found them more cumbersome. I cannot recommend a particular adhesive but I can suggest you look for a hypoallergenic one.


Practicing a few days before makes it easier. You may want an extra set of lashes to do just that.

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Hi Boots,


I would also recommend trimming a bit off the outside edge ( 1/4 ")before you use them. They are designed to go from the extreme inside edge of the eyelash to the extreme outside, and it is easier to start with a "shorter pair" and not apply them too close to the inside corner of your eye. For removal, I use the cotton ball trick....some warm water on a cotton ball to cover and soften the adhesive area before you remove them will save the precious natural lashes...good luck!

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Trimming them is a good idea.


I glue them right onto the root of my lashes and have never, ever had a problem with a single lash being pulled out. The glue is just sticky...it doesn't dry to a solid form. It really isn't like fake nail glue or something. You could pull off, re-adjust, and glue back on eyelashes without ever re-adding glue.

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Some glues are better than others as most will attest. It is not unusual to see a couple of your own lashes pulled out when you remove the false ones. This differs with the individual. The false lash will sit slightly above the natural lash line, though the glue may be at the lash line. Lash adhesive is more rubbery and less tacky than other adhesives so that it can be easily removed.

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Oh...one more trick...I use toothpicks to apply the glue to the lashes. You can put a very fine line on them and then throw away the toothpick, keeping the lash and glue as clean as possible!

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Revlon makes false eyelashes with a latex-free adhesive strip-no glue, no mess, several different styles, and reusable for 2-3 wears. These are also great for kids, because the adhesive strip which is attached to the lashes is pretty non-irritating. I have yet to be able to find a latex-free lash adhesive in a tube. These are available in most chain drugstores, are around $5.99, and sometimes will go on sale 2 for 1! We have had excellent success with these lashes. They are very easy to reposition, and as yet, have not "sweated off".

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I did way back when I was properly performing. I was scared of them, too, the first time, but I got used to them. And it didn't hurt to get them off or anything. Follow advice given here.

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The glue is just sticky...it doesn't dry to a solid form. It really isn't like fake nail glue or something. You could pull off, re-adjust, and glue back on eyelashes without ever re-adding glue.


Blackswans, I would LOVE to try it with this kind of glue - could you please tell me which brand it is?

Or what the main ingredient is, so that I can find a locally-available brand that works the same way?

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Thanks everyone for your responses - and for the useful tips on how to apply the lashes (toothpicks! :) )


I'm glad to hear that significant loss of eyelashes shouldn't be a problem. One hates to be vain, but not having been blessed with naturally thick, dark lashes, I am loathe to lose the precious few that I have! :o

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If you end up using a glue, (along with the aforementioned toothpick application, I usually end up using a hair pin for this), I highly recommend applying the glue and letting it sit for 20-30 seconds as most instructions suggest. This way the glue becomes more tacky as opposed to how thin and runny it can be when it comes right out of the tube.


I usually apply the glue, hold it in my left fingertips while I define an eyebrow with my other hand. The multi-tasking keeps me busy, as I am not very patient. Waiting this little bit has saved me from a lot of previous frustration.


Good luck!



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One other question/thought - we are going to be wearing very, um, theatrical eye make up -- that is, lots of it. Will lots of eye shadow inhibit the stickiness of the adhesive?

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Wardrobe department checking in....


Put your lashes on clean skin, pre make-up. Also, hit your real and false lashes with some mascara for a seamless blend between them.

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Thanks again all. The fake lashes worked just fine, and all my real ones are still intact. :rolleyes:

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