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Good Schedule/Enough Hours?


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Hello everyone! I am new here and really like this website! I started ballet in September and I am fourteen years old. I was thirteen when I started. My birthday is in January.

Monday- Ballet 1 hour and 15 minutes, Tap for one hour

Thursday- Character 45 minutes and Ballet 1 hour and 15 minutes

Friday- Pointe 1 hour



This will be my second year of ballet and this is my schedule. I may however take more ballet classes and maybe a jazz class. Do you think I should add hours....Here is the schedule for my dance studio. http://www.sullivandancecentre.com/html/class_schedule.html I am in Advanced Tap (which you do not see on the schedule) and Character 1 and Ballet 2B. Should I take one or two Ballet 2A classes? Your thoughts or opinions? Thanks!

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Hello Cambria, welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers :)


I am very concerned that you are on pointe in your first year of training. Pointe is usually not done until one has had at LEAST three years of training, with the third year consisting of a minimum of 3 one hour and a half classes per week. It is very dangerous to be working on pointe with so little training. I would immediately begin a search for a better school. Sorry, but any teacher who put a beginning twice a week student on pointe does not get our vote around here. :D


I'm not even looking at your next year's schedule, as this year says to me that you need a different school.

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Hmmmm....I'm new to ballet so I don't know what the requirements for pointe work are but I was a National Elite gymnast for many years. I did gymnastics for 11 years until a shoulder injure sidelined me. I am extremely strong which is why I am going on pointe and apparently my technique is good but judging from your answer probably not good enough. I'm kind of in a sticky situation as the studio I attend is the best one in the area. Do you think I should tell them I want to wait to be put on pointe? I want to go on pointe, it looks so beautiful, but I don't want to injure myself. Pushing myself to hard after an injury and too soon was what cause my gymnastics injury. Do you think I should tell them I don't want to be put on pointe?

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Yes, but it still bothers me that they would even consider it, with the amount of training you have. And try to get in as many classes a week as you can. You have a LOT of catching up to do. Gymnastics may have given you a lot of strength and also flexibility, however, ballet technique is another thing altogether. The placement is TOTALLY different, and the use of rotation is critical, and that is not the case in gymnastics. Also, one needs a certain amount of knowledge of ballet vocabulary, and how to execute certain things before pointe work is introduced. There is no way on earth this is accomplished in two lessons a week for a few months.

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Right. I understand where your coming from. I think I will talk it over with the A.D. at the studio because I don't want to start bad habits. I think next year I will just take lower level ballet classes and my regular level classes and maybe I can take a pointe class but with regular ballet slippers. That is what my friend did. Do you think that will be a good idea? Thanks for all of your help Ms. Leigh!

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Yes, that would be a good idea, sort of like doing a "pre-pointe" class. But, I would still investigate other studios, especially if you are serious about ballet.

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Okay. I am serious about learning a lot and reaching a high level but I am not considering a proffesional career. I will ask if there are other good studios and see about trying out some classes. Thanks for all of your help!

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