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Ballet types?

Guest Makayla

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Guest Makayla

I was just wondering, what other types of ballet are there, other than classical? One of my ballet class's is doing a song my teacher calls 'contemporary" I dont really know what that means. Our dancing we are doing in it sort of reminds me of modern dance, yet it's ballet. :(

Would that be called Modern Ballet?

Also, if there is a type, modern ballet, does anyone take classes focused on this, or is it just a stream off of classical ballet, to use in choreographing?


( I apologize if this question has already been asked, I couldn't find any information here)

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Guess what, Makayla? We've got the Search function back! And if you search on "contemporary" you'll find some 276 threads having to deal with it. Look through the thread titles, and you'll find an answer to this question.

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