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Celebrate your successes here.


At the moment I'm not dancing much - I'm chained to my desk finishing a book, which has been a struggle against all sorts of events and deadlines, but the end is in sight! A few more looooong days, and it'll be done! Then it's back to the studio gently, but with spirit.

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Good luck with your book, Redbookish!


Last night after work I was tired and had no desire to go to class. I convinced myself to go anyway, figuring that even if I just went and stood there, it'd be more than I would do at home. Of course after a few pliés I wasn't tired anymore and had a good class!

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After four months of fighting back from a lingering "cold", I am finally getting 8-10 classes a week like I was doing last fall (I count anything that includes a barre - exercise, rehearsals, whatever!). I'm in the spring show - my first - and I get to do some pas de deux. And I made my own poet shirt costume. I am unspeakably pleased with myself... :thumbsup:


And, frosting on the cake, this evening we got to see a studio rehearsal at PNB, with Karla Korbes doing Odette/Odille - the PDD in Act 2 and all of Act 3. She is STUNNING!!! :secret: We've subscribed for decades and I don't say this lightly.

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This is non-ballet-related, but I got a contract as a full-time tenure track assistant professor of English & Theater (not that I am teaching the latter!) this month. So if I don't mess up big time during the 6-year probationary period, I will be tenured at 36 (not a bad prospect at all!)


I am also defending my phd dissertation on this coming 24th. I hope I will hear about my RAD ADV1 results before I leave the US for summer (last time the unofficial result arrived within a month, if I remember correctly). I will be one happy gal when I have passed the RAD exam and defended my diss! Wish me good luck--I need looooots of it this month.

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From all of us who've been there & done that, we feel your pain/exhaustion/nerves (I remember how ill I got just after I submitted my PhD). Good luck with the viva.


And congratulations on th job! That is great. I'll see you at the MLA one of these days, I'm sure. We should propose a panel on dance & literature ...

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I've managed to do three ballet classes a week for the past three weeks, in the worst part of tax season even (I'm a CPA)!

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Not really a succes but a great day: I went to the Oper in Zurich today with a friend from uni. She did ballet many many years ago and because I did not find anybody who wanted to come with me and so I asked her. She was very excited to come with me. We saw "In den Winden im nichts" by Heinz Spoerli, a contemporary piece with cello music by J.S. Bach. Four of my favourite dancers danced this afternoon and they did great. We got awesome places in the 5th row in the middle. My friend really liked it and she said she would love to come with me again. After that we went shopping togthere (unplaned) and I found two lovely summer dresses which were very cheap. Now I am at home having a nice evening together with myself and the TV :)

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I just came back from my final Dr.'s appointment after splitting my achilles tendon in two six months ago.


I've been given the green light to push forward and start retraining including small jumps and she said when I feel ready, I can push farther. :sweating:


It feels so good to be able to move again. I've still got a ways to go, but I can move again.

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I am pretty much a beginner in terms of pointe work (started in September last year, but haven't always got to pointe work very often)...and on Tuesday my teacher asked me to dance a piece with a more senior class completely en pointe! We will be performing it in November, so I have lots of time...but I am going from doing pointe work only on 2 feet, to needing to be able to do pirouettes and all sorts of things. I need to do a lot of practicing at home as unfortunately my teacher can't squeeze me in for too many extra lessons...so excited yet nervous!

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I got to go to my local universities Dance Concert the other night. That is always a treat.

I don't expect much ballet there because they don't offer much, but there was some for a change. The piece was comedic. They called it Potatorinas. There were 3 females lounging on a sofa mid stage at the start, but shortly into it each one popped behind the sofa and appeared again in little tutus over plain leotards. The department head and two students were the dancers, and they did a lovely job incorporating several dance styles into a really cute little piece.

The big hit of the night was the clogging. I've seen them do it before, to hip hop music, but once again it was so fresh and creative, and exciting, it brought the house down. They had fantastic lighting effects too. White shoes, and sleeves under black lights make for great visuals. I maintain that this group; now in it's 3rd semester (or year?) performing together, should be featured on SYTYCD or Dancing with the Stars sometime.

I did discover that one of my ballet teachers was the Guest artist for the evening. She choreographed a modern piece for the group. They do have a little ballet at the college, but I think only in the Fall, and she is the teacher for that and the Monday class at one of my private dance schools too.

It is interesting. You can always tell which of the Modern and Jazz dancers has had ballet too.


Ooh, there was a very tall girl too. I always appreciate that. I saw her after and had a few words. She had been in a Swing number, and they made her do a boys part for that one. Oh well, it happens. On stage I hadn't noticed how tall she was. I just thought a 5 foot 7" or 5 foot 9" girl looked tall because everybody else was short. Not so. They actually had a wide range of shapes and sizes in the boys and the girls.


Seeing their performances makes me want to go back and get a degree in dance like I couldn't do the first time.....Ah well. Maybe when my husband finished his PHD???

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Hmmm, I've heard of Peppermint, Chocolate, Lilac, and Rose fairies. I've never heard of a Potato Fairy. Was there a PDD? (Visions of Mr & Mrs Potato Head dancing in my head)

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YAY!! Made it through most of my first pointe class since being off before Christmas (off pointe, not off dancing). New shoes - the right size, right make (so far) and I felt really strong! My teacher's comment was "Those shoes look beautiful on your feet!" (Bloch Heritage - one size smaller and two sizes narrower than I wore last summer). The shoes were tight on my feet and felt so secure, no twisting that I could see, no movement.


The only thing that got tired were my legs, after an two hours of dance, then starting an hour of pointe. I thought about pushing through but decided not to be stupid and push too hard my first week back. I had an impingement, and I don't want it to start up again. Turns out I had to deal with something else (not personal to me) so it helped give me a break.


I feel so much better and am glad I made the decision not to try to do pointe with the impingement still hanging. I LOVE my shoes (so far!). I guess I'm the type that needs them to be really, REALLY tight to feel safe on pointe.


Not bad after a week's break but I wonder if I'll be able to walk tomorrow... LOL!

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I had a goal week finally.


2 Ballet classes

3 water classes

2 PT sessions (an hour long feet, legs and balance work out)


No conflicts

No interruptions

No pooping out




And, before one class in the hallway while I was putting on my slippers with another woman, my teacher asked if we were ready to put on some pointe shoes.... She may have been kidding, but I said I am not having enough classes right now, but I consider the subject open for discussion in the future.....


Now I have to keep up my goal schedule!

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I went to the opera last night and saw "Wäre gestern, morgen und heute jetzt" from Heinz Spoerli with music from my favourite composer, J.S. Bach. My favourite dancers in Zurich, Arman Grygorian and Yen Han were both dancing. Afterwards I went to the party behind the curtain. It was a lovely night out.

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Last Wednesday I took my first class back since last year! My life at university as a new research student is just crazy and I finally took a couple of days off :) Oh it was nice to dance again! Fortunately not too much had left me... and somehow my petit allegro improved in over four months of not dancing! :D

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