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Does anyone have any information?


I know that it's a more modern-focused program, but they do have three levels of ballet. Does anyone have any experience with this program? (I'm mainly wondering if it actually prepares you for a career in dance, or if it's more geared towards dance-related but not performing careers and recreational dancers).

Thank you!

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Hi...we are in the middle of a huge decision. My child was accepted to Connecticut College which has a fine dance department and has been waitlisted in a conservatory . Was accepted to another school with not so strong academics but a strong dance program in an extremely expensive city. Please excuse the fact that I am not mentioning any names, except for Connecticut College.


Conn College is an excellent school and she understands the importance of an education. Unfortunately she was not accepted to other programs that offered both strong dance, strong education.


She is torn and so are we... Several things are being considered. Among them is taking a year off and re applying and re-auditioning... She feels she didn't go well prepared to the auditions especially in the solo parts and that she could have done much better than she did.


It has been a very very hard process...Anyone know anything about Conn College's dance program?

ANy insights will be greatly appreciated.

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We are in a very similar boat as you! Accepted at Connecticut College, waitlisted at first choice schools/conservatories, accepted at another very good academic school with unacceptable dance, etc,etc. It is a crazy, frustrating process.

Did your daughter visit the dance department at Conn College and do the (non-evaluative) dance audition there? Mine did and we learned a lot about the department.

What questions do you have? Maybe you should pose them on the Conn college thread.

Although it is a very modern-based program it is possible to take daily ballet as well. But the training would not be like a conservatory program.

Has she gone to any of the dance concerts?

My dd will probably put a deposit at one school (and maybe defer for a year) and stay on 2 of the waitlists. PM me if you want to vent or chat by phone.

Good Luck!!!

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I've moved the conversations about Conn. College from another thread to this one. Seems there is first hand information both of you could now share to help others years down the line.

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My DD will be attending Conn. College this Fall and plans to double major in Dance and English. She was looking for a small liberal arts school with excellent academics and the opportunity to continue dancing. She has no plans (that I'm aware of) to pursue dancing professionally.


The program is primarily modern based, with ballet classes offered daily, I believe. My daughter was required to attend an audition (one of two offered last fall) because she planned to Major in Dance; though this was NOT required for Dance minors and classes are open to all majors. The audition was a "full day" experience with classes in the morning (ballet & modern), followed by lunch, an information session, and a prepared solo by each of the dancers. My DD reported 100+ people attending on the day that she was there and the quality of the dancing was quite high. During the introductions, several dancers reported that they were trainees or apprentices at various programs, though I have no way of knowing their degree of interest in attending.


My DD reported that the head of the Department, David Dorfmann, and the other instructors were very warm and welcoming. It should be noted that Mr. Dorfman is the AD of his own modern company (in residence at CC) which tours the U.S. and occasionally(?) goes abroad. I'm a little fuzzy on the details there. The program bills itself as nurturing and accepting and that was very appealing to my daughter. She said she felt very much "at home". She spent a lot of time fretting over whether she would be accepted to the school, because it immediately jumped to the top of her list after her visit. Another thing that stood out, is how well-respected the Dance Dept. is there..... performances are well-attended and I read somewhere that Mr. Dorfman is considered a bit of a celebrity. Also, they regularly host performances and master classes. I believe that Paul Taylor was there recently. The campus itself is gorgeous.... very New England, and adjacent to the Long Island Sound in New London, CT. During my DD's long day at the dance studios, I had a "Walden's Pond" afternoon in the 750 acre arboretum that is part of the campus. :)


All in all, a great choice for my daughter who really loves to dance, but wanted the right environment and the strong academics to go with it. There is a great deal of information on the Connecticut College website, including Admissions information. If interested, I'd highly recommend a call to the Admissions office as well as the Dance Dept. They are exceptionally friendly and helpful.

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My friend's niece graduated from Connecticut College with a major in dance and loved the program. A beautiful campus, great academics and a growing dance department :)

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Dd visited Conn College, but decided not to apply after visiting. I can vouch for it being a beautiful campus. But, be aware of their academic requirements - I believe they require 4 years of math, English, history, lab-based sciences, and either 3 or 4 years of a language. This is a fairly competitive school to gain entry, academic-wise, and alot of thought should go into their application essays (they have a supplement application essay, in addition to the Common App).


And my heartiest congrats to supportivemom's dd!

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I visited Conn Coll last week, and got a chance to watch their "Freshmen Ballet." It had 24 girls and 1 boy, though they told me that they had 3 boys in the incoming freshman class.

Overall, I was disappointed... they only had two ballet classes per week per level (with the option of doubling it up and taking a lower level as well), and three modern classes, with additional contact improv, experimental movement, etc. I was a little unclear on the levels of the ballet class... I was told that all freshmen place into Ballet at the 200 level, though those who are clearly lacking take Ballet 100. However, I don't know what they do for exceptional students who are beyond the 200 level.

They do have nice facilities (two very large studios with live accompaniment) and lots of performance opportunities (though mainly in modern), but I don't think it's the place for me... when I asked, they couldn't think of any graduates who went on to professional ballet companies.

Still, a nice program overall--I just won't be applying.

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Mu DD is interested in Connecticut College but would like to continue serious dance training. Does anyone have any information about Eastern Connecticut Ballet in East Lyme, Ct? The website looks quite promising and the faculty phenomenal!

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I dance there and I would really highly recommend it. The school has transformed over the past year, Ms. Govrin is a truly brilliant teacher. I would be more than happy to answer any questions you have about ECB, although perhaps this is not the right thread for that.

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