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Knees knees and...knees!


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Hello again! :)


I've read a whole lot of the threads on knee straightening and the such, but I've been wondering about this a lot and suffice to say, am curious about the workings of my own knees in particular! I've been told that I have "perfect" knees in that they're naturally pretty straight, with just a little hyperextension. One of my teachers went so far as to thank whatever genetics I had, since I won't have increased risk for knee injuries down the road. Now, here's where I think I'm a bit confused! When I straighten my knees, I feel it pretty much all in my kneecaps pulling up and my quads sort of initiating the action. When a teacher tells me to straighten my knees, this is primarily the feeling I use. But sometimes, just standing around and sort of experimenting with isometrics, I've noticed that if I stand in a sort of first position and contract my inner thighs together, my knees go immediately straight and a little bit beyond straight. So here's the question!: Which feeling initiates the proper (safe) knee straightening--or is it both muscle groups?

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Ballet is about fluidity of movement to music, thank goodness. :) Both uses are important for the various requirements and developments of the artform.


It sounds as if you are working with the correct thoughts and interests in developing yourself. :)

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