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Sweat-triggered skin issue...


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Ever since starting ballet I've had a persistent problem with the sweat from my face causing the front of my neck to break out with acne. Mind you, I'm 23, so I've otherwise outgrown age-related acne. It may also be irritated by shaving, but I've tried several different shaving creams and methods but to no avail, hence my thinking the sweat is the primary cause. Has anyone else had this problem and what did you do to fix it? I already wash my face daily, shave every 2 or 3 days, and use "sensitive skin" shave cream. Any more ideas?

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I would seek out a good dermatologist. take some digital snaps of a breakout. possibly an allergic reaction to your sweat or shave cream. I shave after I shower, the beard is very soft and I can shave without any shave cream. Try a fragrance free soap or hypo-allergenic soap with a shaving brush.


Most shaving foams are too dry to use on skin, experiment with different soaps until you find something that works. Soften the beard with warm water, then apply shave foam mixed with some water. Shave with the grain, not against it.

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Ditto on the dermatologist!


As an old sufferer, I can tell you that acne is a tribulation, and isn't necessarily age-related! A mom has sent me a PM confirming my opinion that it's not really tied to shaving, either, as her daughter has had a history with it.


When you do see the dermatologist, be sure to ask whether there are connective tissue issues with any of the meds prescribed, as some can be bad for your tendons.

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I agree that you should probably see a dermatologist -


2 other thoughts:


1. Have you tried shaving in the shower with a fog free mirror? This works really well for me


2. Have you considered the dance shirts you wear might be a contributing factor? I say this as you mentioned this problem arose when you began dancing - could be nothing to it - then again. . . .


good luck!

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I ditto Joseph, I'm very sensitive to polyester when I sweat. Your pores are open and fibers or anything can get in.

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Oddly enough, something seems to be working a little bit so far is changing to shaving daily rather than shaving every 2-3 days. And yes, I had been and am now shaving in the shower, so that's not so much an issue. I'm also going to try an OTC face cream recommended by one of the mom's on here who had a kid with a similar problem. And yes, in a way, I'm putting off going to see a dermatologist since 1) my GP has tried his hand at solving this, albeit not so successfully, and 2) the way my insurance works it's kinda be a hassle to get them to pay for a non-life-threatening issue such as this :huh:

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