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Toenail that fell off


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I have been doing Pointe for 6 years in a small town studio and about 5 months ago, I bruised my toenail while doing some changements on pointe. The toenail became very loose and I finally had to clip it off a couple of months ago. My question is, how is a toenail suppose to look when it's growing back in? How can I know that it's not becoming an ingrown and how do I take care of it so that I don't have this problem?

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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, ballerinameg!


Usually with a bruised toenail, the process works like this:

1. The nail bed is damaged and blood collects under the nail plate

2. The nail bed will separate from the nail as it heals

3. A new toenail will begin to grow under the damaged one.

4. Eventually, the damaged nail will come completely off revealing the new growth.


Since you clipped it off a bit early, you may want to see a podiatrist to answer your questions. :thumbsup:


One thing I can say is that bruised toenails are a common topic of discussion for dancers. :(

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