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Television: Ballet on BBC4

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Heads up for anyone who can receive BBC4 TV from UK. Tomorrow, Friday 24th April at 7.30pm they are broadcasting Spartacus, filmed last year in Paris with Carlos Acosta and the Bolshoi Ballet. It is followed by a documentary about Acosta in the "Imagine" series.


In the weeks to come, there is Tamara Rojo in Manon, and Wayne Macgregor's new ballet/opera productions at the ROH. Will check schedules and post dates and times when they are confirmed.


Happy viewing.

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And through the BBC iPlayer, these programmes are generally available streamed to your computer for 7 days after broadcast.


Here's the iPlayer web-site.


Unfortunately television is only available to UK residents, although anyone anywhere in the world can stream BBC radio. But the radio programming is often worth looking at for ballet and dance-related programmes: a few months ago there was a very interesting series on the training of élite young ballet dancers and gymnasts, hosted by Deborah Bull, if I recall correctly.

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OK, this isn't fair, we want to see it as well. Why of why do we not get the same respect for the arts here! I really don't believe that the average person in the UK is any more tuned to the arts than they are here but ballet and other art forms are available on television. I know we get the odd Great Performance's production featuring ballet but that's once a year, twice in a leap year if we are really good! Maybe the BBC being commercial free and the TV license that is paid stops the advertisers calling the shots. Look at what companies are willing to pay for Super Bowl commercials. I believe it's a sad indictment of our society and our values system.


I'll get off my soap box. Enjoy the ballet tomorrow evening, I for one will be thinking about you!

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Preachin' to the choir, Pasdetrois!! :lol:


I didn't know that BBC is commercial-free!!!????? Can we start a petition here to have our networks commercial-free as well?????????? :)


So, is the iPlayer available to all of us, Redbookish?

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UK only. The Beeb and US PBS usually share programming. I would expect it to be on great performances sometime in the future. PBS is Commercial free by the way.


BBC charges License fees to "telley" owners to use the service. American Broadcast television is free, but wait! if you order now we'll throw in 20 ginsu knives!

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Hahaha!! Thanks, MJ!

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Yes, you pay a licence fee to the BBC, whether you look at it or not - in fact, you have to pay the licence fee whether your TV works or not. There is a big-brother system where if you dont have a licence a letter arrives saying "we note that there is no licence listed at your address - please fill in the boxes below to say why not" - and after all the alternatives like "I want to cheat the system" and "sucks to you" there is a final box that says "I dont have a TV". They find this difficult to believe, and indeed I think they probably find it rather insulting. Also, detector vans go around the streets, discovering TVs in people's houses by the radio waves that they emit. All of this means, of course, that when a programme is on, you can actually CONCENTRATE on it, rather than having to switch your mind off every few minutes for the advertisements. I think this is why children nowadays are unable to generate sustained attention. Oldie talking.



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I couldn't live without the BBC! It keeps me sane, Radio 4 in particular. I would happily pay a larger licence fee if it meant more BBC channels. Can listeners outside the UK download the podcasts from the BBC? The radio programme with Deborah Bull that Redbookish mentions was made available as a downloadable podcast.

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Clara, anyone in the world can listen to BBC Radio via the iPlayer site, or stream it live if you want to, from the various radio station sites. BBC Radio 4 is the talk, news, drama, and documentary radio station -- although not in the US sense of 'talk radio,' I hasten to add!


Click on my iPlayer link above, and it'll tell you what you can and can't listen to or watch.


Pas de trois, without wanting to get too party-political, the BBC and arts funding in the UK and western Europe may be among the advantages of not living in a low tax regime or determinedly free enterprise culture. But the other side of that is a high cost of living and taxation -- we do pay for it! "You pays your money, and you takes your choices" as they say -- pluses and minuses on both sides ...

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Technically PBS is commercial free but in recent years the 'sponsors' of programs have made their support of programming appear quite commercial. Watch for even the shortest amount of time and there are 'commercials' on PBS today! I don't believe they have the same power as true commercials but they are there. Part two of this is the programs the individual stations choose to present are definitely based on the numbers they get. How many viewers. It's a numbers game for PBS as well as everyone else. Programs with a larger viewer base as the ones sponsored by the bigger companies rather than the local ones. If BBC programming is as available as we believe it is to PBS, why are we not seeing it.


By the way, the budget at PBS is just about the same as the budget of the BBC.

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