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Television: Ballet dancer wins Australian SYTYCD

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Talia Fowler, an 18 year old dancer with the Queensland Ballet, just won the Australian version of 'So you think you can dance'. Throughout the series judges commented on her strong technique, and she performed some great solos in pointe shoes (all quite contempory ballet in style).


The finale also included guest performances from the Australian Ballet and the Queensland Ballet.


Hopefully this greater exposure of ballet to the television public will produce some good things!

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Such GREAT news! Thanks for sharing. Hopefully, this will open people's eyes about ballet.

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That's AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!

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Lovely girl - DD met her at a summer school when she was about 13-14 and remembers her being very dedicated even then. A well deserved win.


I applaud the decision this season to have guest dance artists perform on the show instead of popstars singing their songs that may have been used to dance to. I think this has done alot to raise awareness of what professional dancing is (as opposed to commercial videoclip style dancing). Some of the artists showcased this season included Complexions, Pilobius, a modern dance company from China, the Aussie Ballet and some MT.


I'm wondering whether this has had an impact on the fact that "Australia's favourite dancer" was also the strongest technically. Perhaps the public is realising dancing is more than just 'big tricks'.

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I've been watching the series (online from North America!) and have really enjoyed watching Talia. I haven't seen the finale yet, but I'm happy to hear she won! It's well-deserved.


Viewers of the American series will see her on that show sometime during this coming season. Australians should be proud that they're sending a lovely dancer to "represent" them as their "favourite"!

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One thing that was outstanding about Talia was the way she went from being, at the beginning of the series, a rather retiring and immature-seeming dancer, who did not seem happy outside the genre she was trained in, to being a very powerful, emotionally expressive and versatile dancer by the end, with, as has been said many times, a very good technique and always with a very good line. A well deserved win. I guess that this means that Queensland Ballet will lose her.



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gav, until there is some official statement, it is our policy not to post "hearsay" information. It serves no real purpose other than to create confusion. :shrug:

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No problem, dancemaven. I understand the policy and knew I was walking a fine line in seeking help in obtaining that confirmation or official statement without saying something as general as the following...


Would our Australian friends mind keeping an eye open for news about what Talia plans to do next for a viewer in Canada? Local news doesn't always make it through general Internet searches. Thanks!

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She danced a solo choreographed by Sonya Tayeh.

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Talia appears to be joining Lines in San Francisco in some capacity:




Neither article says whether she's joining the company or the school. In the second article, she is quoted as saying she expects to go to San Francisco but is still open to opportunities in Australia... That makes me think she's headed for the school (they're not relying on her at the school, while the company would be relying on her), but I really don't know.

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