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My DD is 14 and has been waitlisted for a performing arts high school. The school continues to request updated videos but will not give specific feedback. A recent reply stated that she still was not being offered a space at the school. They requested a video after she completes her summer intensive. My daugther feels like she is "groping around in the dark" and doesn't know what to work on nor what to show in the video. She is confused because ballet is such a critique driven pursuit and she values the feedback to help her shape her goals. She is prepared to try another year and other schools if necessary. Is this typical? Does anyone have any suggestions? :)

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Happens all the time! Do as they ask, but pursue other options at the same time.

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Yes, and I would also be talking to the SI about this issue, explaining that there is confusion because she would like feedback from the Perf. Arts School, but doesn't get any, and asking if the SI can offer their feedback. IT might at least give some indication of what her strengths and weaknesses are. It also might be that it's time to look at other options. A school that does not provide feedback may not be a good fit for you and your dd.

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