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Position of feet/legs


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Hi, these are just some silly questions, but I ALWAYS get confused about this:


The raised foot in sissonne ordinaires and pas de bourree piques - is it on the calf/ankle (cou de pied) or at the knee (retire)?


As far as I understand for sissonnes, it's at cou de pied, and piques at retire?


Please help, I don't have class till next week and wanted to practice this weekend!

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Lau, I'm not sure about every method, but in my experience the pas de bourrées can be done either way. The sissonne ordinaires (sissonne simple) land in cou de pied.

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Thanks for your reply. I have seen the pas de bourrees done either way before - my previous teacher liked them at the knee, but not sure about my current one. Thanks for the input, I appreciate it. (I am doing RAD, by the way).

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In RAD the pas de bourees piques are usually at the knee unless it is a "petit pas de bourree pique" in which it will be at cou de pied. Hope this help even though it is a bit late. RAD can be so confusing sometimes!

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I remember when I did Advanced 1 Cecchetti there was an exercise at the barre in the pointe work where they were done at the calf but we were told to bring it up very quickly and sharply to give the illusion of a lifted leg. When I did RAD, as far as I can remember I think we generally did them at the knee.

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Thanks for your replies and input - much appreciated!


I have only been doing RAD for a year, and I suddenly just had a crisis of confidence about those two steps, so thanks for helping to clear that up!

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