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Fred Shadle, long time Sacramento Ballet and RDAP supporter dies

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With great sadness I have learned that Fred passed away yesterday, April 27 from complications of pneumonia.


LtCol Frederick W. Shadle U S Army Retired will be buried on May 4 2009 at Mt. Vernon Cemetery Chapel. Internment will follow in the Court of Honor at Mt Vernon. LTC Shadle was a highly decorated Combat Infantry Officer; his many awards include The Silver Star and Combat Infantry Badge. He entered the US Army in 1942 and was discharged from active duty in 1965. He saw action in Europe and the Pacific during WWII and served two tours during the Korean War. Full Military Honors will be performed and he will be buried in his dress blues with all his medals, badges and decorations. He was 92 years old.


He was a long time supporter of Sacramento Ballet and Regional Dance America/Pacific. He will be missed.


Keep on dancin’: Fred Shadle

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We will all miss him very much. Every person/child who has been involved with the Nutcracker knows how much of a supporter of the ballet he was. Every show I have performed in, I remember Col Fred being backstage.

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Col Fred was always the first person the Nutcracker kids met when they came through the stage doors. He smiled at them, made sure they signed in and was almost like a grandfather to many of them. He also helped the dads who worked security and assisted with the Nutcracker children's auditions. The thought of doing another Nutcracker without him is too sad to think about.


All of us in Sacramento will miss his gentle personality and love for the dancers and the art of ballet.

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I'm really sorry for your loss, everyone. :) People like that make such a difference in the arts experience. I never met him but I know people like him, and I hope they know their dedication and passion make a huge difference in the world....

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It's hard to even express the right words to get across how incredible this man was. I was fortunate to have the joy of sitting next to him at a Crockett Deane Ballet performance in Sacramento. It quickly became apparent what a kind, quiet spoken, unassuming man this was. His love of not only ballet, but the whole arts scene was evident. He told me that he'd never missed a Sacramento Ballet performance. Wow! He talked about his career in the military where he served in our Army until he retired in 1965 (funny how these details stick with you). He was just so interesting! After that meeting, I started seeing him at other performances, not all ballet related. He truly loved live performances. He also told me about a book that he was in charge of that listed EVERY performance, the performers and their roles of the Sacramento Ballet. This included all children's roles in the Nutcracker and other performances that used student dancers. What a job, but just one of the ways that this man gave of himself. I remember the first time I saw him come out onto the stage at the end of the performance to give the Sugar Plum Fairy a bouquet of roses. He was just absolutely charming. That memory will always make me smile.


So, rest in Peace Colonel Fred knowing just how many children, parents and families you have touched with your knowledge, generosity and kindness. You will truly be missed by so many. You have earned the respect and love of Sacramento and the surrounding area!

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