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May Flowers

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Okay folks so the past two years dance-wise have kinda sucked for me. First I stopped dancing in order to leave a caustic situation. After some time off, the bitterness that was associated with dancing left, and I started dancing again.... only to be a complete klutz and slip and sprain my ankle -- and was thus out again for a few months, then started again, then moved...then found a studio again............ Was loving it, and then had to stop earlier this year due to a family emergency. I'm still traveling a lot for family reasons, but am slowly getting back into class when I'm around.... and it feels sooooooooooooo good. Extension sucks, pirouettes surprisingly fun.......... not enough petite allegro........... but I'm happy. Now if I could only get some sunshine! Aren't the showers supposed to stop in April?

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We would love some showers here - do send them our way! We are not going to be allowed to water any private lawns in order to conserve water and public gardens are severely rationed as there hasn't been enough rain this winter. On top of that monday is bringing a 40 degree heatwave our way ( that's over a 100 fahrenheit I think) YUK!!!!!!


Anyway, weather aside I think it's great that you've started dancing again. I'm finding it harder and harder to do class fully, still whatever I can still manage I tell myself to be grateful for small mercies! To be able to dance is such a joy - go for it.............. :(

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My good news is that I've started some beginning pointe work with one of my teachers. :) So fun!!

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Congrats to all, it's great you're able to get back to dancing, and congrats on the pointe work. I'm just happy the warm weather is starting to arrive. The old muscles really do appreciate it - that plus it's still daylight when class ends - ta - da!!! (it's not still daylight when I finally get home, but I'll take what I can get). :)

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My May flower is that I've started jumping again (thanks to those who mentioned those LEO ballet slippers - they're fantastic!), and my UK ballet teacher turned out to be right when she said that when the weight finally comes off, I might actually hit the ceiling due to working on my feet with all the extra pounds. It's such a pleasure to do two-footed jumps and see my feet point easily in the air.


Can do the right alone, as well, but the left, the one that had the impingement, is still a bit weak on its own. I'm still happy to see what my feet are actually doing, though. Haven't seen that for ages!! :-)

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My new year resolution was to lose weight for just that reason (to feel lighter in allegro) - the trouble is it's now May and I still haven't managed to keep my resolution. Ah well! Anyway, good for you - enjoy soaring to the sky :)

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I did mine the hard way, and still have more to lose -not much more, and these last few are not coming off easy (been on a plateau for 3 months!). Don't feel guilty if you haven't "kept" your resolution. It's taken me a full year to take off 30, and well more than that to take off the previous 20. Just keep going on the ballet, regardless of the weight. :-)

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Congrats to anyone who has lost any weight they felt they wanted/needed to lose. I do know it's amazing how much easier the legs go up or the jumps get higher when a few pounds come off (and sometimes more can be better). I thought it was more the bmi, but it can be just pounds. I have recently lost 12 pounds and my extensions have become noticeably higher and more controlled. :(

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Another May flower, from today - did more subbing in one of the schools I go to and it all went well. Mind you, I had to have a nap afterward...

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I got to perform a jazz dance at one of my former studios this past weekend for their recital, it was a lot of fun & went well; several of us former dancers came back to perform in this 'alumni' dance. Also got to take a long weekend to visit my family since they live there!


(I'm still home if any moderators wonder why my computer location is different this weekend, will be going back to California in a few days.)

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... Aren't the showers supposed to stop in April?

Here in Seattle we say "April showers bring May showers!" You know what we do here in the spring - if it comes on a weekend, we go for a picnic. :innocent: On average, summer starts about July 15th...


My springtime is my fist dance recital ever, which just finished. We had four performances, 9 minutes of incredibly beautiful choreography from our brilliant teacher, we got real applause from disinterested people (i.e not just relatives or friends!), I was absolutely terrified and totally thrilled at the same time. For a former corporate engineer, this is a whole new universe, and frankly it seems a much better one!

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Well, here are more applause for you, olddude. My recital is about 5 weeks away "give-er-take." I'm not nervous at all about the dancing, just the costume that doesn't QUITE fit.... ;-)

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Congrats on the weight loss! That's very big news. My addition to this month's garden of flowers - I actually did finger turns in partnering for the first time! I've never successfully been able to do finger turns, and yesterday I was able to do a series of finger turns that went single, double, triple, into double pirouette, developpe seconde, back to pirouette, down to penchee, back into attitude avant! I was jumping for joy!

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That is so cool! We learned those at the Adult Dance Camp last summer. Scary, but fun once I got over the fear.

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