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I'm 19 and I've currently taken a two year break from ballet. I was getting a little burned about because I wasn't really using appropriate measures for myself -- I'm a good dancer but I don't have the body type or the drive to get really very good and it was making ballet rather less fun than it should be. :( I've spent the last two years doing a lot of contemporary and a fair bit of hip hop, but I haven't taken a ballet class at all since last May.


I'm going to school in Pittsburgh, and I'd like to start taking class again. I was wondering two things -- first, if anyone had any information about PBT's open classes, or thought another school in Pittsburgh would be beter, and secondly, what level I should probably take. I'm thinking that since I haven't had a ballet class at all for a year that I should probably take an intermediate class, right? I was reasonably advanced but it's been a while ...




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PBTs open ballet classes have a huge variety of different levels so you should be fine to take any of the classes. You can pay for single classes or buy packages so that is a plus as well. As far as levels, I think with a dance background you'd be fine in either class;however, since you wouldn't be in their pre-professional program there is nothing stopping you from excusing yourself appropriately at any point during the class if you feel you're in over your head. Anyways hope this helps!



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