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"Lifting Out of the Hip"

pas marché

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Could someone please explain the concept of "Lifting out of the Hip" to me? I have been getting that correction a lot, and my teachers have tried to explain it, but it just doesn't make sense! :thumbsup:

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OK, let's start by achieving a feeling of what it's like to do it the wrong way:


Just stand on your feet, no turnout, nothing, and slump. Just slump. Now try to feel what that's like in your hips. You may actually be able to feel the weight of your upper stories being borne on the ball of the femur (thighbone) where it fits into the hip. Now, stand up straight, so that you feel the pressure removed from the hipjoint. That's "lifting out of the hips".

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Thank you, Major Johnson. That has really been confusing me for a while, and it's nice to know that it's simpler than I thought! I have also been told not to "sink" into the hip on the supporting leg; is that the feeling that you were talking about in your last post?

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Oh, yes indeed, pas marché, that's quite the same thing. Don't do that, and you're on a better path already! :)

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