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Tonight in class my teacher recommended that I try a class at Steps to gain exposure. She told me I should take the Saturday class with a teacher by the last name of Burmann (spelling?). Well, I went on the website when I got home, and it appears that the teacher teaches only the Adv Pro class, which is for pro dancers only. But there are Int and Int Adv classes, so I'll ask her about those. I'm also interested in the floor barre class. I'll ask my teacher for details. But I was wondering if anyone had any experiences with these classes? I'm very excited that my teacher said I should try a class like this. B) Hopefully my parents will be willing to drive me for one day! :rolleyes:

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Congratulations on the confidence your teacher has instilled in you. As for the level of Mr. Burmann's class, it does indeed state that it is only for professional dancers. Years ago it was a mixed class, but things may have changed. B)

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Sorry, balletmama, I know you are new, but as this is the Young Dancers' forum, I had to remove your post. Only the Young Dancers and the Teacher Moderators may post in here. :flowers:

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You might try calling Steps directly to ask your question. They are more able to give you first hand information. :flowers:

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