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arabesque help?


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I have a really flexible back and pretty high extensions. When I do an arabesque though,

I seem to curve backwards so that I start to arch my back. How do I pull my back up instead

of making an arch and how can I tell the difference between the two? My teachers have tried

to help me with this, but I just don't understand! Thank you!

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An arabesque is a forward and upward movement, with the extended leg moving backward and upward. The body needs to move in the opposite direction from the leg, not the same direction. If you curve and arch, your torso is moving backward and downward, which is exactly opposite of what it should be doing.

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Thank you! That helps a lot! I tried to go forward more and I didn't feel a pinch in my

back as I usually do. I guess that is a good thing! I can see now why my arabesque

cannot get past 90 degrees, yet my penché is almost at 180 degrees. I think that my

posture in my arabesque is holding me back. I will keep working on it. Thanks again!

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I have some trouble with my arabesques too. Well, the main problem is that they're not very high. Does doing "back ups" - where you lay on your stomach with your legs straight behind you, and lift up your torso as high as possible - help? I feel like when I do them I'm using my butt muscles more than my back muscles. =/ Are there any other exercises to strengthen the lower back?



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The best way to strengthen the lower back is to strengthen the abdominal muscles.

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