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As many of the moderators know, my studio has the treated wood floor, which is good for modern... not so much ballet. However, the AD finally agreed to get marley in the ballet room! We are all ecstatic! Just thought you should know our good news.


Okay, my real question: Will turning be different on Marley? I mean, I've danced on it before, but it was not regular marley, it was very sticky, and your feet stuck to the floor every step you took. It even left a residue on pointe shoes.




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Yes, turning will feel different, but with the proliferation of dance floor coverings today, it's hard to predict what your experience will be. It was a lot better when the surface was plain old unsurfaced marine linoleum. Now with all the New! Improved!, it's difficult to know what dancing on it will be like. That's why companies travel with their own "ground cloth".

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1. No creams or lotions on the hands or body just before entering classroom with Marley floors

2. No bare feet or street shoes on marley (if that studio is reserved for ballet only)

3. Nothing but water in classroom

4. Make sure cleaning crew knows that they can not use regular cleaning fluids- they must use nothing more than a mop preferably wrapped with a clean towel each time, and a diluted solution of either ammonia and water, or alcohol & water. Dilution formula is crucial because too much of one dries the floor out; too much of the other can seep under the seams and ruin the flooring underneath.

5. Dancers must use clean face towels to keep sweat off of floor

6. No bodies laying down directly in contact with marley- must use yoga mats or beach towels.

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Ooh, number 6 is gonna be hard--we are doing a piece that is basically all floor work... suggestions?




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Cover up. A pullover long-sleeve tee with a crew neck ought to do the job nicely. You can take it off to rehearse other things.

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Our studio uses a wood floor that I routinely feel is to slippery. I do not even particularly like doing turns on it for fear of slipping but I do get to use a marly floor some times. Whenever I get the chance to use marly I absolutely love the feeling of doing turns without worrying about slipping.

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