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Summer Intensive for a First Timer


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My instructor recommended me look into taking a SI next summer. At my current studio I am at the Intermediate level with about ten hours of technique classes a week.


Here are a handful of SIs that I am interested in:



L'Etoile Ballet Academy http://www.etoileballet.com/

Goucher Summer Arts Institute http://www.goucher.edu/x7552.xml

Baltimore Ballet http://www.baltimoreballet.com/

Pennsylvania Academy of Ballet http://www.paacademyofballet.com/


If anyone has any suggestions please feel free to add them but please limit them to the Mid Atlantic region. Also, my focus is classical ballet so I expect other dance forms to be offered I would like the focus to be classical ballet.

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You may want to consider Sun King Adult Dance Camp - they have sessions in Richmond, Virginia, and Saratoga Springs, New York. Here is the link




Best wishes!

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I apologize I should have more specific. I am a teen dancer so while the adult dance camp seemed interesting I was looking for something more targeted at my age group. Also, I was planning on attending summer 2010 not summer 2009.

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I have browsed through that part of the forum and gained some valuable information. However, I started my ballet training late and do not have the same level of experience as most of the people who post in that area. The problem is is that I am sixteen and an intermediate level as of right now compared to most people my age on that part of the forum who are advanced. If there are any threads that you think apply to me please feel free to link to them. Thanks again for all help!

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Thanks for the encouragement! Do you know any SIs in particular for someone in my situation? Again any help is appreciated.

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For what its worth, age should not be a consideration - making friends my age is great, but if it were me, I would be asking where I could get the best instruction that I can afford -


attending an SI with others my age, ability, or skill level is not something I think about - I focus on where I can get instruction that I am happy with - I make friends pretty easliy anyway, so the instruction I get is most important to me - usually works for me


and don't limit yourself to the US - if you have the means, look for opportunities overseas as well - I have heard there are some really great summer programs abroad - haven't had the opportunity myself yet, but someday!!


my advice - ask yourself what you want to get out of the SI, then start looking for one that will meet that need - just something to think about! :)

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The SI's I would recommend most highly in this area are Washington School of Ballet, Maryland Youth Ballet, and Pennsylvania Academy of Ballet.

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Thank you for your suggestions. Have you had any experience with Baltimore Ballet in Cockeysville MD? I am just curious being that it is the closest geographically to me.

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Unfortunately I do not know anything about Baltimore Ballet, although I have heard that Cem Catbas is a good male teacher.

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