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Royal Ballet: Tribute to Diaghliev

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Okay - I'm really excited now. :lol: Two weeks ago, I managed to get tickets to a Gala Performance called Tribute to Diaghliev that the Royal Ballet & Guest Stars are doing in London on 7th June in celebration of the Ballet Russes.


They are doing excerpts from loads of ballets that I've seen photos of but have never watched: "The Firebird, Scheherazade, La Carnaval, Petrushka, Le Spectre de la Rose, Daphnis and Chloe, Swan Lake, Les Biches, La Chatte, Apollo, Les Sylphides, Le Tricorne, The Rite of Spring and The Dying Swan among others."


They've put the full cast list on the website now and I discover that along with the great & the good of the Royal Ballet (Rojo, Cojocaru, Ansanelli, Yanowsky etc), AND the guest stars from the Bolshoi and Kirov, we ALSO get to see Polina Semionova! My joy is complete!!


Can anyone tell me what La Chatte is like - it sounds intriguing!



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What an incredibly awesome outing. Oh, you are going to LOVE this!! I wish I could attend such a true GALA!! Truly someday, I can hope.


Please, write in 3 weeks when you've experienced this ballet extravaganza.

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Okay - so this is what we saw yesterday evening (apologies, I don't know any of these ballets well enough to tell you which particular pdd or solo it was):


Scheherazade - Ulyana Lopotkina & Igor Zelensky (Kirov)

Daphis & Chloe - Natasha Oughtred & Frederico Bonelli (Royal)

Petrushka - Dmitri Gruzdyev (English National)

La Chatte - Alexandra Ansanelli (Royal)

Giselle - Mathilde Froustey & Mathias Heymann (Paris Opera)

Tamar - Irma Nioradze & Ilya Kuznetsov (Kirov)

Le Spectre de la Rose - Yevgenia Obraztsova & Dmitri Gudanov (Kirov & Bolshoi?)

Apollo - Maria Kowroski & Igor Zelensky (NYCB & Kirov)

Les Sylphides - Tamara Rojo & David Makhateli (Royal)

Le Tricorne - Dmitri Gudanov

The Firebird - Irma Nioradze & Ilya Kuznetsov

Les Biches - Mara Galeazzi & Bennet Gartside (Royal)

Swan Lake - Marianela Nunez & Thiago Soares (Royal)

Le Carnaval - Yevgenia Obratsova & Andrei Batalov (Kirov)

The Dying Swan - Ulyana Lopotkina


All in all, it was a pretty good programme although some of the pieces didn't stand that well on their own without scenery if you didn't know the ballet - Petrushka, Le Tricorne, Tamar.


Ansanelli was sublime in La Chatte (with remote control mouse too!);

Oughtred & Bonelli were a very convincing young couple in love;

Does they young girl in Le Spectre de la Rose really dance with her eyes shut for most of the piece? It looked like it from where we were sitting..

Tamar was very odd - and Nioradze had the loudest pointe shoes on throughout the evening. Clunk, clunk, clunk. Does anyone know what shoes she wears?

The piece from Apollo was lovely - Kowroski & Zelensky were very soft together (in a good way!)

Nunez & Soares performed the Black Swan ppd, including the 32 fouettes, of course. Wonderfully done despite a very shaky arabesque from Nunez at one point. They received the loudest applause of all the performers.

Lopotkina in the Dying Swan for the final piece was beautiful.


Sadly no Pollina Semionova - although I did think that sounded too good to be true.


Did anyone else go?

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I don't know which shoes Irma Nioradze wears but I can tell you that they are Russian-made. The shanks give it away!

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I'll see if I can find a picture to show you....


This one: Irma Nioradze


Look at the foot up in the air- see the shank? It tends to pull away from the arch in Russian made shoes when the weight is not on the leg.

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Thanks Clara76. I found an article in Russian from 2006 that says that she wears R-Class, along with Yuliana Lopotkina & Daria Pavlenko. At least, I think that's what it says. I'll get the dicitionary out to check.


That picture from Tamar makes more sense of what we saw now. She didn't have the pink & white dress bit, just the pink leopard-print catsuit...!

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Thanks, I see what you mean. However, in UK the only Russian shoes sold are Grishko 2007, and this doesn't seem to happen with my pupils who wear them.

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