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Does anyone have any knowledge about, or first-hand experience with, the dance program at Kennesaw State? There are not a lot of options for colleges with dance departments in Georgia so information about this program would be great. I know from the Atlanta newspaper that they just formed a relationship of sorts with the Atlanta Ballet. Thanks in advance for any info.

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This is what was in an ATL Ballet email -- FYI


Atlanta Ballet and KSU Announce New Partnership


Atlanta Ballet is proud to announce the launch of a new partnership with the dance program at Kennesaw State University. The partnership is aimed at providing a venue for collaborative dance education between the two institutions. Company members from Atlanta Ballet and students at the Centre for Dance Education will have the opportunity to pursue a Bachelor of Art degree in dance at KSU. Company and fellowship dancers will also be able to apply for advanced professional credit towards their degrees, and pursue both a professional and academic career through their association with both institutions.


Undergraduate dance students enrolled in the dance program at Kennesaw State University will receive special discounts to Atlanta Ballet performances, classes and events. Advanced-level students will also have opportunities to audition for roles with Atlanta Ballet and gain professional performance experience. Atlanta Ballet will also provide internship opportunities for KSU dance majors at the Centre for Dance Education, giving the students professional administrative experience in the field of dance.


The partnership will be announced formally at the Friday, May 8 performance of Atlanta Ballet's Don Quixote at Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre. To learn more about the partnership, Atlanta Ballet, or the Centre for Dance Education, visit www.atlantaballet.com.

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Yeah! Finally. A different college than originally planned but just the same that it is final!

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Some additional information about Kennesaw is that I am pretty sure Kennesaw dance students also take company class with The Georgia Ballet and I know that Kennesaw ballet/dance faculty teach class at Georgia Ballet. So that means lots of opportunity for high quality class and performances in the area. Georgia Ballet's artistic director is former principle with Hamburg Ballet and her husband (also Hamburg principle) is ballet master and choreographer.

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I'm curious about how the Atlanta Ballet partnership is working out so far? My dd considered this school, but ultimately chose to go elsewhere because she wanted a more ballet focused program. We weren't sure how much ballet they did at the time. We do know a couple of classmates who preferred more contemporary dance who chose this school. Since we now have another friend who is considering KSU, does anyone know what kind of scholarships they offer?

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There has been very little shared about this program. Since it is local to us, and the State of Georgia offers the HOPE Scholarship to Ga Students with a 3.0 GPA, we are seriously considering it. Christine Welker from the Atlanta Ballet has recently joined the faculty.


We visited on Friday and DD17 auditioned for next year's freshman class. The 1 1/2 hour audition consisted of Barre, followed by two classical ballet center combinations, followed by several modern/contemporary combinations.


There was a class demonstration of a piece and it was pretty amazing. The demonstrating dancers were all only dressed in tank shirts and modern shorts, so at first I wasn't inclined to be impressed. However the movement and sharp aggressive style of the dance was really exciting and it was performed really tightly with everyone is great synchronization.


After the demonstration there was a short Q&A. Dancers will be either accepted, accepted pending completion of the application at the university, declined, or wait listed. Since this is the first of four auditions at the school they did say that they welcome repeat auditions if you do not get accepted.


DD felt pretty confident until they said that the freshman class would only have 25 open spaces for new dancers. That seems like a pretty tough program to get into!


The studios are adjacent to the campus. The college has a bus that shuttles to the studios, dancers are discouraged from parking at the studio because parking is limited. There was a lecture room, a computer room and a quiet study room. The dancers had lockers, and there was a locker room for changing. There were four studios, and one VERY large studio. Most had some kind of window or natural light. There was a pretty impressive costume room as well.


The majors are required to complete a one semester internship. The program will help you find an internship. There are classes is technical and lighting design as well.


Each year there are two shows. The fall show always has a classical piece, and usually has work set by visiting choreographers. There is a visiting choreographer from Israel there currently. The spring show features student choreography. Beyond the two shows there are many performance opportunities as pieces are performed in dance festivals around Atlanta, the South East and the country.


There was no information about scholarships, and no mention of the partnership with Atlanta ballet. But the website still refers to it.

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Congrats to your DD, trythis. Nice to have an acceptance so early.

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DD has decided to attend Kennesaw as a dance major. She turned down a scholarship to another program to take advantage of the Georgia Hope Scholarship. Her goal is to double major.


She also thought that if she attended the other university with the dance scholarship, and then decided that the double major was too much, then she wouldn't be able to afford that school with out the scholarship. So she chose to attend KSU with the academic scholarship.


Her first semester classes have been selected. As a Pre pro dancer, she is used to dancing 2-5 hours per day, up to five days per week. Her schedule next semester will be two dance classes on Tuesday and Thursday. Each class is an hour and 15 minutes . As a dancer with a very strong ballet background, she was placed in level three for ballet and jazz. The highest level is four.


If she auditions for, and is accepted into the performing company at the school, she will add a company ballet class on Friday mornings, and rehearsals in the evenings. She is uncertain if she wants to take that much on her first semester.


She has also obtained a job teaching ballet/tap classes to little children on Saturday mornings near school.


The thing that is different about a dance major, is that in other majors, you can spend your first year or two taking your core classes and filling out your general ed requirements. And then start on your courses for your major in your Junior year. But as a dancer, you must keep up your skills, so you must dance every semester. Colleges with out a "top tier" dancer major, make this a little harder to accomplish. She will be dancing less than she ever has. But she chose this school because she thought it would be a bit easier to commit to two different majors.


She's happy with her choices and excited about attending in the fall.

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Kennesaw holds a one week intensive in June each year, and from this intensive they award college scholarships, of $1000 each to the new freshman who will be attending KSU and to the rising seniors whom they want to consider their program.

DD attended, and she did recieve a scholarship. She met several of the teachers for the program, and especially liked her jazz teacher for the fall.


As far as I know, if you do not attend this intensive, there is no other way to apply for a scholarship.

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Do you know if they prefer to have students attend the intensive as rising seniors or after they have been accepted? My daughter is a junior and Kennesaw is on her radar. Thanks so much for the info

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As the school year winds down, I hope someone will share where the Grads or Early Leavers of KSU Dance are going for the next phase of their lives.

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Natalie S - I do not think it matters. My daughter attended after graduation, she was one of three incoming freshman, the other 10 scholarships given were to Juniors/rising seniors.

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