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Adults: Another floor question


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Hello again,


Our teachers have been very good about not having us jump or do too many releves (except for pointe) on the concrete, tiled floors of the one temp facility and, quite frankly, my ankles are doing extremely well under the new conditions. I'm rather surprised.


For the rest of the summer, though, we'll be in a room with a wood floor that is over cork of about an inch thick. The wood is quite hard and thick in and of itself, not reallyb very giving. I've seen the rise level as the cork is very visible at the door frame. And, of course, it's over standard concrete.


How safe would it be to jump on this type of floor? Just curious if any have had any experience of this sort.




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First time I've ever heard of wood-over-cork as a dance floor, but I do have experience with it as flooring in storage bins (rooms) in really old museums. It should be all right to start, but cork has a tendency to compress, and the cushioning effect will become less as time wears on. If it's just for the summer, it should be OK.

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It's not actually meant as a dance floor - we're using a temp facility until a new studio has been built. I should think the cork is already compressed as the place has been in existence as shop for a number of years. I'm hoping our teacher takes pity and doesn't do TOO much in the way of jumps.


Alternatively, if one uses a hard-style mat to jump on, would that be a good alternative on that floor? I'm not thinking of the ones that sink down but the ones that are extremely firm, but will absorb shock.

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I'd say take it as you find it. If it seems to give problems, then look for solutions. In the meantime, don't borrow trouble. Life is too short.

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