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Polina Semionova's patronymic name?

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Is anybody kind enough to tell me the patronymic name of Polina Semionova,

the pricipal dancer with the Berlin State Ballet?

I have done a quite a lot of web searches but couldn't find any.


Her brother, Dmitrii, former Mariinsky soloist, should have

a similar ptronymic name "...bich", but there is no infomation at all!


Simply the first name of their father will help.

Anybody, please?

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I believe her brother's name is Dmitry Semionov. I do not think they have the ich ending on it.

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The long tradition of Russians using patronymics in referring to one another seems to be going out of style. It evolved because of Peter the Great's rush to the Enlightenment, bypassing the Renaissance. Russian didn't develop a term equivalent to Mr., Mrs. Miss, but now the way to do it seems to be to use a familiar form of nickname and last initial. I don't know what Semionova's preferred form of address is.

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I believe her brother's name is Dmitry Semionov. I do not think they have the ich ending on it.


Thanks, but what I meant was:

On the supposition that their father's first name was "***", their full name should be,



Dmitry ***vich Semionov and

Polina ***vna Semionova,


just as the full name of Maya Plisetskaya is

"Maya Mikhailovna Plisetskaya", from her father's first name Mikhail.


Thier father seems to be alive and is still in touch with them, so

I have no idea why they don't like to attach thier patronym. :thumbsup:

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Gosh, sorry about the delayed post.


I hope Polina decides to make her father's name public.

It would make her name more Russian and thus more attractive

than the usual western-style.

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To explain further. the patronym for Russians is the father's first name with "vich" meaning son for boys, and "vna" for daughters. It would substitute where in the US one's middle name is used. Seriously, mine is Dmitrevnya.


Kahoyo--It would be interesting to know this. Eventually, in some interview or bio it'll come out.

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