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Is there any benefit?


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Why do some dancers tie their soft technique shoes similar to the way pointe shoe ribbons are tied? I think at CPYB they do this and I don't know if they do anywhere else, but I was wondering if there was any benefit to doing it.

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It sounds like a hangover from the old Thalia Mara school, which had its tradition established in the even older Vincenzo Celli school, which in its turn was based on what Cecchetti had his students do. It does encourage students to learn how to tie ribbons from practically the ground up.

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It's very indirectly Cecchetti, via Ms. Mara, who was one of Ms. Weary's teachers. I'd have to say CPYB is CPYB-based.

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Guest kbt59687

when you wear ribbons on your technique shoes there is a little benefit. The ribbons support your ankles PLUS when you go on releve', it pulls you up a little more and makes you go higher on your arch (:


hope this helped!!!!!!!

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The ribbons on ballet shoes are used in the Vaganova schools. I don't have a problem with it, but I also don't really think it has any great benefit, and I personally prefer just the elastics. They were not used in the classes in the fair amount of Cecchetti training that I had many years ago.

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