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Jet glue out of leotard


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Today my friend spilt jet glue on her leotard. Does anyone have any tips for getting it out? I know she will wash it tonight but does anyone know of any secret items that can get it off? Thanks

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It will have to depend on what the leotard is made from. The specific solvent for jet glue is acetone - the same stuff that is used for nail polish remover. The problem is, that acetone will also fuse/dissolve certain synthetic fabrics and dyes. Try a test patch to see what happens when you apply the acetone to the fabric. If it's OK, then apply the acetone to the glued area and also to a piece of blotting paper. Leave it to work overnight. The blotting paper should draw the jet glue out of the fabric as it dries, but expect that you'll have to repeat the process several times, and then rub the area clean with your fingers to remove paper that adheres to the treated area. Good luck.

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Funny, I did the exact thing last monday. Of course, it happened to be on a leo that I am wearing for a performance next week (good thing I have extras! :() What I did, after washing it, was just color in the white stain, so it matched the leotard, and you couldn't see it unless you were very close.


But, I will be wearing it on stage, so no one will be able to see it!

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Same thing happened to my Jazz Pants, a friend of mine during SI's last year spilt glue on them and it scrunched up, and I had to throw the pants away.

Its a good thing you can still wear the leo, DanaD, you're lucky:)

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