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I was wondering if this is just a general term used for Company contracts? Can someone elaborate on what usually is considered "rehearsal"? I would think that for most companies, rehearsal of some sort, would begin right away in the season.

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It will likely depend on each company. But from our experience, it means a specific number of shoes are allocated to last for both performance and rehearsal. For instance, DD will get an allocation of 30 shoes for next season (with no specifications for what they are to be used for except common sense that you'd better have some for the shows). In her case, she will get a certain number and then can return for more as needed. In other locations, we've heard of people who get 5 and you return one to get another, etc. If any other type shoes are needed such as character shoes, they are covered as well. I am not sure about technique shoes, I didn't ask. We're hoping for the first time in a long time, we won't have to buy one single pointe shoe. Hip Hip Hooray!!!!!


That is counter from another place where she received just performance shoes. It was then up to her to either have additional shoes for rehearsal or make the performance allotment stretch through until the next allotment came at performance time. The performance allotment was 3 per big show. In this case, we did supplement shoes still a little bit just to be sure she wasn't killing her feet by dancing on really dead shoes because she had to continue to wait on the new pairs.


Shoes for her company have already been ordered for next year, so the majority of them are there waiting when the dancers return. And yes, rehearsals can start right away. Remember alot of companies start back late August or September and 1st show is late September or in October. So they may be in show mode when they first return. At least a smaller company might.

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Your contract should spell out of shoes are limited. My 2 youngest DDs' companies provided all the shoes that they needed for the year including those to wear for rehearsals. That meant that they could get shoes immediately when the season began. My oldest DD's company did limit the shoes to a specific number per year but that was delineated in her contract so she could plan accordingly.

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I have to have 10 pair of pointe shoes, ribbon for all 10, and elastic for all 10, one pair of ballet shoes usually tan, and one pair of jazz shoes available for my female dancers 10 days prior to the first day of contract. For my men, I provide 3 pairs of ballet shoes, 1 tan, 1 white, & 1 black, as well as one pair of jazz shoes 10 days prior to first contract date.


From there, I have to supply any other extraneous shoes (character, teaching shoes, dansneakers) in a timely manner for the rehearsal period prior to the show (which is several weeks at least).


Always a fun thing to do when your choreographers choose shoes from dancewear companies that don't exist, or shoes that just don't exist anymore at all, or they wait until the last minute to cast their piece, or they don't decide until a week before the show what shoes they want to use, and expect me to cobble them in the back room.......


The female dancers have to turn in their autographed dead shoes to me, pair for pair, so that the most number of pairs they have in rotation is 10-15 pairs at a time, and it seems to work.


I have to post a sign-up sheet and check it weekly for dancers to sign up if they want/need anything. I also have to have a sign-up sheet posted at the theatres at all times, for long runs.

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and expect me to cobble them in the back room.......


What? You mean in all your Pointe Shoe greatness you haven't yet mastered that part of things? :lol: And here I thought you were Wonderwoman! My hero worship has been taken down a notch. :wub:

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HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!! Oh....my....diety! I am literally rolling on the floor laughing!!!!! :clapping::o:o

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