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Going to a post-grad program!

L' Allegro

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Well, I was accepted into a very good post high school program... won't name it hear, but you've heard of it... and I am so excited! The administration has been more than willing to work with me on tuition, and the teacher who taught the class accepted me on the spot. So it all sounds good...


As far as ability level goes, I was accepted into Cincinnati Ballet's SI and Boston Ballet's SDP (early acceptance!), if that gives you an idea about where I stand technically...


So my concern is this: at best, I have been dancing 4 days/week. of those days, I have three techniques, one pointe, and one modern, plus rehearsal. I do Pilates, my Theraband, tennis ball, and 'speed walk' around the property for stamina. I'm worried about injuries, as in this post grad program I will be dancing six-seven hours/day, five days a week, with five hours on Saturday. How should I best work over the summer to prepare? (I can't go to either SI. Too expensive. I cried over that one) Cross training, weight training? And how should I best pace myself when I do get to the program??



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Is there any way at all for you to start taking classes 6 days per week???? Can you split between 2 or 3 schools maybe? Maybe there's a community college that teaches ballet you could supplement with???


Quite honestly, the best thing would be for you to be taking ballet technique classes of 1.5-2 hours per day, 6 days per week, pointe classes of 1 hour at least 4 times per week, alongside variations, partnering, rep, rehearsals. That would be the ideal situation.


Look around and see if there is any way to increase your current time. Since you have been accepted to a post grad program, it sounds like you may have some potential for a professional career. BUT you need to stay competitive which means you need to increase your balletic stamina, see how your body holds up, and be sure you have the vocabulary necessary that others will have.


As far as summer goes, I'm concerned that you'll find yourself falling behind if you do not do a SI somewhere. What about at your home school?? Perhaps they can scholarship you???

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Ahh- I would love to take more classes, but herein lies the rub: I have to pay for all of my training. I'm getting a job waitressing this summer- possibly two jobs- and I'm seriously worried that I'm not going to have enough to cover my year round classes, never mind extra summer classes.


Maybe my home school would scholarship me, but I don't know if I'll be able to fit it into my working schedule. I'm hoping that between my exercises I'll be able to keep in shape... any suggestions for things I can do on my own?

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L'Allegro, it is very important for you to be ready for this program in the fall. They will expect you to come ready for the program, not needing several months to get ready for it. And you really do not stay in ballet shape by doing other things. You need ballet classes and you need a lot of them. Yes, the other exercises and Pilates are very helpful, but they are not ballet and they will not improve your technique without the ballet classes. You are old enough to have the ability to work on your own, if there are just not enough classes, but you must do it in a studio. Make an arrangement with your home school for all the classes that you can get, and then ask about using a studio to work by yourself when you don't have a class. Work your work schedule around ballet, not your ballet around your work schedule. You are already not taking enough classes to be ready for that program, so you need to spend a major portion of the summer getting ready, not losing what you already have.


Would your parents have sent you to college if that was your choice? If so, then you need to convince them that this is taking the place of going to college for now, and you can do that later, when you are earning your own living and can pay for it. Without your parents help there is no way you can survive a post grad program on your income from a summer job, or even two. Even if you have a scholarship, you have living expenses, pointe shoes, etc., and that all takes quite a lot of money. However, and this is important, it should not be nearly as much as a year in college!

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I will do my best to get studio space. No idea how it'll work, but will definitely look into options. I just feel a little in over my head right now! :helpsmilie:


As far as college vs. dance, I would have had to pay for college. My parents are very supportive of my dancing, but they don't have extra money for any post-grad schooling. My mom and dad say that they wish they could help me out, but they're simply not able to.


Again, I will look into studio space- I didn't think of that, and it might be cheaper than classes. Though I will also see what I can do about those, too.


Thank you- I need a reality check every now and then... :wacko:

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