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graduating early from a residential program

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As far as the color codes go, when dd was younger in the codes than her academic/ballet peers, especially when she was a senior, the school arranged on their own, without any input from me, to advance her in the code as well. To be very honest, I think the RA's actually "forgot" that she was younger, and just looked at her as though she was the same age as the social group she was part of. It was definitely no problem for her. In fact, there were times that I actually wished they had kept her code for her age, rather than for the social group, but that is just part of being an over-protective mom (me) with my youngest child (dd). :wallbash:


I'm certain the school would work with you on this particular issue.

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Also remember that there may be other students in a similar situation. For example, next year there will be a 16 year old Freshman, Sophmore, and Senior. And that's just one example. Kids often come in with different academic backgrounds. Even those in the same "year" (i.e Freshmen) may have classes with many other groups, just because of their previous academic experiences.


As for graduating early, that just provides another year to work on dance without the anxiety of worrying about graduation!

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Exactly right Cheetah! If a dancer is emotionally ready, the extra year focusing on dance definitely helps.

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Even if she not hire at 17, the last two years, or year doing a trainee, 2nd company, or any intense training it is helpful for them to have only ballet to focus on. Often they are doing training class, company class and two performance opportunities.Their own and the company. So keep that in mind.

I was wondering if she could be still in eight grade, doing some of the core high school classes, and still graduate early. Do they have an eight graduation, dinner dance. Are these any social aspect she will feel like she miss out on?


And yes if anyone else is moving up that she can relate too, that is a big plus.

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Thanks again for everyone's input. Her residency does not have an eight grade graduation, just the senior year. The parties are for everyone so all of the ages mix. As far as I know, she is the only one possibly skipping a grade this year. She really wants to go onto ninth because that is where most of her friends will be. I'm checking into the color code situation.

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She really wants to go onto ninth because that is where most of her friends will be.


It great to make the decision, and glad to hear that is where her friendships are.

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